Cup showdown: Lapalisse (R1) vs Montluçon Foot (R1)

Cup showdown: Lapalisse (R1) vs Montluçon Foot (R1)

Lapalisse (R1) – Montluçon Foot (R1)

This Saturday, September 30 (6 p.m.).

After qualifying without a hitch in the previous round (4-1), on the field of Désertines (D2), the level of difficulty will rise for Lapalisse with the reception of another resident of R1, Montluçon Foot. But Kevin Reure’s players were full of confidence by winning last weekend at Misérieux-Trévoux (0-1), in Ain, in the championship… Like the Montluçonnais, relegated from N3 and undefeated since the start of the season in their group (one draw, two wins). In the previous round in the Cup, for their entry into the running, Clément Magnin’s men also did the job (0-3) at Creuzier-le-Vieux (R3). So they intend to bring back the blue (and yellow) heat this Saturday.

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