Serious Accident between Car and Motorbike on E16 in Hole Municipality

Serious Accident between Car and Motorbike on E16 in Hole Municipality

HOLE (Dagbladet): The police have responded to a report of a traffic accident between a car and a motorbike on the E16 in Hole municipality in Viken. They write that on X.

– It appears to be a serious accident, the police write.

According to the police, the car is on fire, and people are encouraged to keep their distance from the accident to avoid exposure to smoke.

The police write that there are probably serious personal injuries, and that the injured are being followed up by health personnel.

The police are working to get an overview of the course of events.

Traffic problems

– The fire service is in the process of extinguishing the fire in the car, the police write.

According to Vegtrafikksentralen öst, the E16 is closed between Sundvollen and Vik. The road will probably be closed for a long time, according to the police.

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2023-09-30 13:07:30

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