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Cuban migrant tells what he experienced during a kidnapping in Mexico – 2024-02-27 23:07:48

A young Cuban father, identified as Orlando, recounted the terrible experience he lived in Mexico while waiting for his CBP One appointment, when he was kidnapped along with two compatriots near the country’s northern border with the United States.

The migrant told journalist Javier Díaz that he remained in the capital of the Aztec country for five months until his appointment was approved.

After this, the group traveled to Ciudad Juárez, bordering El Paso, Texas, to wait their turn, but they were kidnapped by someone who approached them with a gun in hand.

“I heard a noise behind me, and when I turned around, there was a gun to my forehead,” the young man declared during his interview.

According to his story, he and his two companions were taken to an unknown place, barefoot and without being able to take their belongings.

Orlando indicated that the group of criminals used to frequently take drugs in front of them, feeding them only one bean burrito a day, which they had to divide between the three of them.

The group contacted the relatives of the Cubans in the United States, and demanded $5,000 if they wanted them to be released alive. The loved ones of the Cubans received several threats, including to begin cutting off the fingers of the kidnapped people until payment could be made.

Everything indicates that the group of kidnappers was only after a little easy money, because after their loved ones made a complaint on social networks and indicated that they could not raise that amount of money, the group was released.

Finally, the young man made a call to all those Cubans who are still on the journey to the United States, pointing out that they should take care of themselves and not trust strangers.

Orlando, like thousands of Cubans who leave the Island, has the goal of reaching the United States to be able to work and provide a better future for his family. something that exposes them to this type of crimes in the Aztec territory.

The young man’s case is just one of the most recent, as migrants are exposed to this and other types of dangers during their journey to the land of freedom. One of the last kidnappings to be reported was that of a young woman who left Nicaragua and She was detained by criminals while waiting for her appointment at the border.

The incident was reported by independent journalist José Luis Tan Estrada, who indicated that the migrant was a close relative.

“During her stay in the Aztec country she was kidnapped by a group of gangsters and had to pay X amount of dollars to be released. Luckily, the only damage she suffered was the shock of the moment,” the communicator indicated on that occasion.

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