Cuban actor Alejandro Socorro becomes a truck driver in the United States

Cuban actor Alejandro Socorro, who stood out from the beginning for his interpretation of the popular character of Víctor in the Cuban soap opera “Doble Juego”, arrived approximately 10 years ago in the United States.

Recently, in an interview offered to the news site Cubanetthe artist has exposed the difficult changes he has had to face since his arrival in that country and the deep sadness he feels due to the critical situation that his island is going through.

Regarding his arrival in the northern nation, he explained that before deciding to emigrate permanently, he visited said territory for almost a month, but that he did not stay due to the fear that some instilled in him in relation to his legal status, expressing : «First I came to visit with a visa, but you know that Cubans talk a lot. So I wanted to stay and they advised me not to, that it would be illegal. Anyway, after 25 days I returned to Havana.

However, after some time and motivated by certain dissatisfactions, he left Cuba and traveled to Mexico, where he was a resident, crossing the land border and entering United States territory. In this sense, he stated: «At that time I had residence in Mexico and I decided that I would leave permanently because I no longer felt comfortable in Cuba. I said goodbye to my family and arrived in the United States, crossing the border. I’m talking to you about 10 years ago. “It was much easier than today.”

The actor referred to the challenges of emigration, commenting that initially he had to do all kinds of jobs such as cleaning floors at the Court and driving for Uber. However, he stressed that he was very grateful for the social assistance received by the American government and that despite his difficult beginning he never harbored feelings of frustration, because he knew that a decision as momentous as emigrating would imply assuming certain consequences, among which are give up the profession you had held and adapt and integrate into a society totally different from yours. In relation to this last aspect, he pointed out that lifestyle changes and that many of the things you used to do in your country are no longer part of your daily life.

In this regard he commented: «It’s hard. The life of an immigrant is hard, but I am grateful for the change and the social assistance that I had when I arrived in this great country, which is now mine too. The other thing to keep in mind is that they are totally different cultures. I have friends here who used to meet up in Cuba to have a bottle or beers. In a new nation these dynamics change, and the first thing is to give up your profession, adding: “I have done everything here (…) but without frustration because I decided to emigrate, and these are some of the consequences.”

Likewise, he confessed that he would have loved to have arrived in the United States at a younger age so that he would have had greater opportunities to study and improve, stating: “I wish I had arrived at 23 to study here. So he would have had more opportunities.

Likewise, he revealed that in that country he had met his wife and mother of his son and that, precisely, his greatest aspirations were to be an excellent father and life companion, highlighting: “For me the most important thing in life is to be aware of my son and his mother as well, for which I appreciate it very much. The second thing is to take care of myself and be a present father. He who does not love his son, he does not love anyone. You can be the best actor, but it’s worthless if you are a bad father or a bad friend. Popularity is something very ephemeral and I prefer people to remember me for more important things.

Currently, Alejandro drives a truck, a job that, according to him, in addition to being well-paid, has allowed him to see different places in the United States, as well as people from the most diverse professions, adding: “In the breaks between loading and another, I park the truck, take an Uber and go downtown to see the city. Along with my work, I do tourism on my own.

Regarding his country, he declared that since his last visit he could see that there was a great lack of motivation, but that undoubtedly the current situation far exceeds in a negative sense what he experienced on the island, pointing out: “I look at Cuba and it makes me very sad.” the people, my family, my friends. I don’t want to be a fast-paced person, but when I went last time I saw people walking aimlessly, like zombies. I don’t know what future those people may have, what plans. Cuba makes me very sad. I will travel to say to everyone and to my Island: “see you later.” That country is not what I left. “Cuba has hit rock bottom.”

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