Cs proposes a ‘baby check’ of 200 euros per month and supplements for young people to reach the minimum wage

This was announced by his trustee in Les Corts, Ruth Merino, and the spokesman for the Treasury, Tony Woodward, for the processing of the draft budget and the debate on the partial amendments until the end of the year.

Among its proposals, the ‘orange’ group proposes the creation of a reconstruction fund endowed with 1.4 billion euros, along with measures for young people such as allocating 30 million to a grant of about 20,000 euros to funds lost by to guarantee access to housing for children under 35 years of age.

In addition, it calls for the creation of a ‘green’ fund of nine million euros to promote sustainable economy projects, another 20 million to hire pediatricians and reduce health waiting lists, another 20 million to support the agricultural sector and another 24 million for the self-employed and SMEs that have been left without aid.

With these amendments, Merino has argued that his party seeks to ensure a sustainable future, strengthen health, guarantee freedom in education and cut unnecessary spending.

He also announced that they will re-introduce the ‘orange’ amendments that were approved last year and that have not yet been met, such as the creation of places in residences, the bonus for learning English or an audit. in the administration to ensure its efficiency.



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