Crowds Reject HRS in Makassar Attacked by OTK, FPI Talks About Pay Action


REIT South Sulawesi (Sulsel) spoke up regarding the refusal Habib Rizieq Shihab (HRS) di Makassar city who was attacked by an unknown person (OTK) this afternoon. South Sulawesi FPI accused the action of being carried out by paid masses.

“I am not clear because I just got the information from the media (about the refusal of HRS being attacked by the OTK). I don’t know myself, because I just got information just before sunset, earlier such activities and who disbanded were not very clear,” said the DPD Secretary. FPI South Sulawesi Agus Salim Syam to detikcom, Tuesday (12/1/2020).

Although he did not know the OTK group that attacked the HRS rejection, Agus regretted the action. Agus admitted that he was confused by the action.

“I am confused, what does that mean? He (HRS) has never harmed the state, has never been corrupted. In fact, many corruptors who destroy this country are accepted happily, those who want to improve the country are rejected. This is common sense that people like this don’t work. I regret it like this, especially if this action is paid for, “said Agus.

Agus assessed that the police should have known who the protesters were against HRS. Furthermore, Agus was reluctant to comment further regarding the chaos caused by the OTK attack during the action.

“The point is like that (FPI doesn’t know yet) because we have never done such coordination. Yes, this is, the people love Habib, while there is a group of people from nowhere, the planet from where suddenly says they reject and all kinds,” he added.

The refusal of FPI Grand Imam Habib Rizieq Shihab by community groups acting on behalf of the South Sulawesi people in front of the Mandala Monument, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Makassar City, on Tuesday (1/12) this afternoon ended in chaos.

OTK attacked the mass of the action with stones and was chased.

“The demonstrators were stoned, the noodles were scattered,” said Head of Public Relations of the Ujung Pandang Police, Bripka Suwandhi. detikcom, Tuesday (12/1).

During a demonstration against Habib Rizieq in Makassar, the protesters detained a truck to deliver a speech. The crowd also posted banners with the picture of Habib Rizieq’s refusal and the words ‘Reject Habib Rizieq’s arrival in South Sulawesi’.

(nvl / idh)


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