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Croatia will play Canada in the 2nd round of the group stage of the World Cup. The match will take place on November 27, starting at 19:00 Moscow time. Croatia – Canada: predictionbet, odds, statistics.


In the opening round of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Croatian national team failed to beat Morocco – 0: 0.

In the previous match, the team beat Saudi Arabia away with a minimum score of 1:0.

Croatia vs Canada odds

In any combination of personnel, the current vice-world champion is strong. “Chess” is able to beat anyone, which has already been proven more than once.

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Croatia he has won five of his last six games. Among them, formidable rivals were beaten: twice – Denmark, once – Austria and France.

The last defeat of the Balkans for today is dated June 6 this year, when they were defeated at home by Austria (0:3) in the League of Nations.


In the first round, the Canadian team almost caused a sensation, losing to the main favorite – the Belgian team with a minimum score of 0:1.

The team has only played in the World Cup once in its history. It happened back in 1986. And then he took the last place in the group, without scoring a single goal or scoring a single point.

In the qualifying round of the next world forum Canada took first place. He played 14 games, had eight wins, four draws and two losses.

The Maple Leaves have played four friendly matches since qualifying for the World Cup, including a 0-2 loss to Uruguay in September and a recent 2-1 win over Japan.

The latest success, as well as the resistance shown by the Belgians, allows the North Americans to at least count on a draw against Croatia: why are they worse than Morocco?

Forecasts and rates

Bookmaker logically he considers the Croatians the favourites: the odds for their victory are 2.10. The Canadians’ hit is estimated at 3.50, a tie at 3.40.

The Balkans need a bloody victory, and whatever North American resistance, Croatia will surely win after an hour of play.

Thus, ours prediction And Rate it – Croatia will win after 60 minutes of the match for 2.30.

Another betting option is that Croatia will win and two or more goals will be scored in the match for 2.70. However, if the Balkans score before the 60th minute, then they have every chance to score the second goal by acting on the counterattack.

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