Scientists resurrect 50,000-year-old ‘zombie virus’ found in Siberia

The zombie virus is not the only virus that has emerged.

over the years After the world began to warm up. Large quantities of bacteria are released into the environment. that we cannot fully control The situation could only get worse if diseases of plants, animals or humans could be caused by unknown ancient viruses. Just like the Coronavirus

even earlier Mining in Siberia. A 30,000-year-old virus, known as Pandoravirus yedoma, was also discovered that was large enough to be seen under a microscope.

However, as the world warms thus greatly increasing the risk What scientists always tell people Especially those who are near hot or snowy areas. who wanted to blindly eat the animals of the forest because we can’t know at all Did those animals travel to discover a virus or something strange?

Therefore, discoveries like this are very important for mankind to study, analyze and find ways to prevent the spread that can occur in any corner of the world. Scientists have warned that What is being discovered today may just be a small discovery. There are a lot more frozen germs. and waiting for the day to emerge again

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Scientists revive ‘zombie’ virus after 50,000 years trapped in Siberian permafrost

Scientists have reanimated ancient “zombie viruses” frozen for eons in Siberia

An update on eukaryotic viruses reanimated from ancient permafrost

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