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Criticized on social networks, a bank closes all of its client’s accounts

Annoyed by your bank, you decide to complain on social networks? Be careful, if your banker is susceptible, he could take revenge by closing all your accounts without any other form of trial. Do you find this delusional? This is what happened to a bookseller, like the reports The Parisian.

Julie Goislard has been a bookseller in Clichy, in the Paris suburbs, for ten years. She has also been a client at the local Société Générale agency for ten years, both professionally on behalf of her bookstore, and personally on behalf of her family. Exasperated by problems related to payment terminals provided by the bank and which no longer worked and by the lack of reaction from her bank, she complained by posting a tweet, deleted since.

A few days later, the agency’s director called him to ask him to stop tweeting and threatened to close his accounts without it. The bookseller reports the incident on Twitter, but the manager was very serious and the bank sends him a registered letter announcing that his business account will be closed within 60 days, the minimum time limit set by law.

On site, the director admits that the tweets are the cause of the account closure, and not the overdraft mentioned in the registered letter sent to the client. The bank refuses to discuss any longer and even makes it a personal matter. After her professional account, Société Générale closed all of the bookseller’s personal accounts, but also the accounts of her spouse and nine-year-old daughter.

Contacted by The Parisian, the bank declined to comment on the matter due to bank secrecy. This did not prevent the group’s communications department from supporting its agency despite everything, indicating:

The bank can close a bank account at any time with 60 days notice. The bank does not have to justify its decision.

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