Cristina Ferreira returns to TVI to be a shareholder and entertainment director, SIC “regrets the sudden and surprising decision”

In a decision that the SIC described as “unilateral”, “abrupt and surprising”, Cristina Ferreira announced this Friday the exit of the channel to return to TVI, where, in addition to assuming the functions of director of entertainment and fiction, she must also become shareholder of Media Capital (owner of the Queluz channel). The comeback is also scheduled: September 1.

The change was confirmed late Friday afternoon by the presenter through a statement sent to the editors by her agency. “It is a return to the parent company, with different functions and an ambitious project to which it was impossible to say no. It is a choice motivated by affection with a firm will to help TVI to once again be in the hearts of all Portuguese ”, declares Cristina Ferreira. “At this moment of departure, I cannot stop thanking SIC, its management, the opportunity it gave me and the possibility of working with exceptional professionals. My thanks to all. SIC is a television channel of reference, where I have been very well received and for which I wish them the best of professional success for the future ”, you can also read in the note.

Shortly afterwards, the SIC also issued a press release in which it referred to its disappointment with Cristina Ferreira’s decision, which puts “the contract that obligated her until November 30, 2022 to expire.” “SIC regrets the sudden and surprising decision, but despite the disappointment, it wants to thank Cristina Ferreira’s work carried out during this short but intense period, within a winning team, which will continue to commit its talent and professionalism to deserve the public’s trust. ”. read the note. “The SIC also informs that it reserves all its rights in this situation.”

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At the same time, Media Capital also announced the agreement with Cristina Ferreira to head TVI’s entertainment and fiction department. “This return to his habitual home fills us with satisfaction. Cristina Ferreira is loved by the Portuguese and this hiring reinforces Media Capital Group’s strategy of getting closer to its audience, to enrich the Channel’s Entertainment and Fiction areas ”, stated in a press release Manuel Alves Monteiro, Media Director General. Group. Capital, who also confirmed that the presenter “had already told Prisa his intention to acquire a stake in the company’s capital stock.” “If this materializes, it will strengthen Cristina’s bond with the Group and give an even deeper meaning to this return to TVI,” he added.

Cristina Ferreira’s return to TVI came almost two years after the presenter left Queluz and signed a contract with the SIC. The announcement was made on August 22, 2018 and was the largest transfer in Portuguese television history at that time. In addition to being the director of “O Programa da Cristina”, she was an executive consultant for the general entertainment department of the channel, headed by Daniel Oliveira.

Previously, he was in charge of TVI mornings since 2004 together with Manuel Luís Goucha. Cristina Ferreira was almost at the end of the contract with the Queluz station when the SIC initiated a process and the conditions for an agreement were created.

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