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Credit for the expansion of the sewage treatment plant was approved – Lebern-Bucheggberg-Wasseramt – Solothurn

The project is not new, the municipality has been working on it for more than six years: The municipal sewage treatment plant on Mässmattweg is overloaded during heavy rain and can no longer purify the wastewater mixed with rainwater. A legally valid general drainage project GEP from 2014 provided that on the one hand a rain overflow basin with a capacity of 500 cubic meters should be built right next to the sewage treatment plant. On the other hand, an additional 850 meter long pipeline, which would have run parallel to the existing pipeline from the sewage treatment plant to the Aare, was supposed to direct the wastewater, in the rare cases of heavy rain mainly rainwater, directly into the Aare if the overflow basin was no longer sufficient.

During the planning it turned out that, due to the delicate nature of the soil, this new line would have had to be built on piles. The community already reckoned with costs of almost 10 million francs. The piles alone would have cost around 1.75 million Swiss francs, the pipeline another 2.93 million Swiss francs.

Together with the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and the University of Architecture, Construction and Geomatics, another solution was found: Instead of the pipe, the overflowing water is directed into a retention basin and from there, throttled, fed through the existing pipe to the Aare. The canton agreed to this solution, so the deal could be presented to the sovereign.

The expansion of the sewage system is already included in the financial plan and pre-financing amounting to CHF 1.8 million has been made. The 71 eligible voters approved the commitment credit in the amount of CHF 4.5 million with no dissenting and no abstentions.

Postal agency is new to the municipal administration

Selzach loses the post office and is therefore in good company, as post offices are being closed all over the country. Manuela Hüsler, Area Manager Solothurn and the surrounding area and Urs Krattiger from the network development of the Swiss Post tried to explain to the Selzach people who were present why: The customer frequencies are falling, in Selzach a full minus of 30%. Fewer and fewer letters are being sent, deposits are being made electronically at home, and there is practically no more cash. So, in the absence of another suitable partner, they propagate the move of the post office to the municipal administration.

As early as March 21, people from Selzach should be doing their postal business there. You will also be able to withdraw cash there, a maximum of CHF 500, guaranteed CHF 50. However, deposits cannot be made with cash or credit cards. This requires a PostFinance card or a Maestro card. The administrative staff will be increased accordingly and the opening times of the new agency will be adjusted.

When asked whether the post office would also be closed between Christmas and New Year, for example, when the municipal administration is closed, there was a hesitant “probably yes” from the chairman of the meeting, Thomas Studer, who stood in for the mayor. The two representatives of the Post got away relatively unscathed.

Those entitled to vote also approved the reorganization of the municipal administration and childcare departments as well as the corresponding changes to the partial revision of the service and salary regulations without dissenting votes and without abstentions: various workloads will be increased, the salary classes for public law staff and the compensation for members of the authorities adjusted.

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