Crash in Periférico causes road chaos to San Antonio in CDMX

During the morning of this Monday, December 6, a vehicle that was speeding over Peripheral Course to San antonio, collided with an incorporation needle, because of the speed it bounced and was crossed in center lanes.

The accident occurred on the ascent of the bridge that connects with the Glorieta de San Jerónimo.

The motorist came from Insurgentes and was heading to San Antonio, despite the blow, the driver suffered no apparent damage, as he got out of the vehicle by his own foot and although an ambulance arrived to treat him, he refused to be searched.

However, when the vehicle was crossed in the central lanes of the Periférico, it caused severe congestion and, due to the delay of a crane from the Roads department, the support of a private crane was requested that managed to move the damaged vehicle and place it at a point in where it will not affect circulation.

At this time, traffic continues to be slow in the lower part of the Periférico for those who come from Cuemanco or Canal de Chalco towards the San Antonio area.

The road alternatives can be Insurgentes or the second floor of the Periférico if it goes to the Mixcoac area.

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