Covid world, in Germany is record of cases. In Brussels, bars and cafes closed for a month

Rome, 7 October 2020 – After Paris e Berlin, comes the hold also from Brussels. The Belgian capital, faced with the spread of infections from Covid19, closes bars and cafes for a month. The restaurants, on the other hand, remain open. In fact, throughout the country “The situation is worrying and serious,” said Prime Minister Alexander Decroo. And to cope with the new wave of Coronavirus, the Federal Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, has announced new measures which will come into force on Friday: a “bubble” reduced to 3 people each per month; the possibility of receiving a maximum of 4 people at home at a time; at the bar or restaurant tables of up to 4 people, unless the family unit has no more than 4 people (parents and 3 or 4 children for example); cafes must close at 11pm; the closing time of the restaurants does not change for the moment; even unorganized meetings are limited to 4 people. Telework remains strongly recommended. Also in Italymeanwhile, shoot l’obligation to wear masks even outdoors, if you are close to non-cohabiting people.

Also in the rest ofEurope the Covid flame does not go out. Nearly 5,000 people have contracted the Coronavirus in Netherlands, while the Russia recorded 11,115 new cases of Covid-19, with Moscow confirming itself as the center of the epidemic (3,229 new infections). But the alarm comes from the Germany, which signals a new record of daily cases: +2,828, according to the Robert Koch Institute, with 16 new deaths, for a total of 9,562 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of patients (449) undergoing intensive care is also growing. Also in Austria there is strong concern for the second daily figure above a thousand Covid cases, in less than a week (1,029 new infections, half of which in Vienna). Surge of cases in Switzerland: there are 1,074, as indicated by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPE), daily values ​​similar to the highest recorded in spring.

The Czech Republic announced 4,457 new cases, the highest daily number since the start of the pandemic. And it is record in Ukraine: 4,753 infections in a single day. I also leap in Bulgaria, where 463 new infections were recorded out of 5,431 diagnostic tests performed, or more than 8% of the tests.

Trump: Covid as an influence. Biden: “If it’s still positive, no debate”

It doesn’t stop there pandemic not even in the United States, where cases exceeded 7.5 million, according to Johns Hopkinks University. And the Brazil announced 41,906 new infections, the highest number in a single day in nearly a month. As India’s toll of infections worsens (theIndia rose today to 6.76 million infections), good news comes instead from New Zeland, which has once again “crushed” the Coronavirus. The country, in fact, has no active cases of Covid-19 locally transmitted. This was announced by the country’s health minister, Chris Hipkins: “It’s a big milestone. New Zealanders have once again crushed the virus thanks to their collective behavior”.

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