Covid, Madrid commissioner Sánchez The virus divides socialists and popular

Are the templates right or left? Better to get sick or lose your job? Isolate yourself or join the flock? The second wave of Covid is scourging Spain and Iberian politics has plunged into the hottest debate of the moment. After months of protagonism, experts (who basically have fluid ideas like everyone’s) were expelled from the media stage and political parties took back the scene. Having an opinion on pandemic containment strategies pays off.Siding appropriately on either side of the interests of your constituents can reap consensus. Closed stadiums, open cinemas, full buses and schools, a little and a little, bring votes or take away. health policy, beauty, and the most sparkling laboratory in Europe today in Madrid.

The Spanish capital is ruled by the right while the national government is by the left. So here is Madrid-city to take sides to keep the engine of the economy running and to adopt small surgical lockdowns, which trigger over a thousand infections per 100 thousand inhabitants (ok, the governor Isabel Daz Ayuso said yesterday, I can accept a compromise to 750 infected). The Madrid of the national government retorts hard-nosed: Ayuso irresponsible, health must come first, with 500 infected every 100 thousand inhabitants too dangerous to travel and even leaving the house must be limited. Result? Madrid decides a soft line, the government imposes a hard one, Madrid appeals to the judiciary that gives him reason and the government, on the eve of the weekend, writes an emergency decree, declares the State of Alert and Commissioner the capital.

That Barcelona, ​​the rebellious independence activist, denounced the hateful interference of the central government on the timetable of his people skewers or the frequency of swabs was predictable. That he did Madrid, the very symbol of the vertical state, no. Just three years ago, just a few days later in October, the Spanish government commissioned Catalonia. The autonomy of the Comunidad, the equivalent of one of our regions, was canceled, the self-governing bodies bypassed, the center returned to command. At that time there was to stop the secessionist attempt in Barcelona, ​​now, three years later, the forcing is repeated because the defense against Coronavirus must be approved throughout the country.

The sick are increasing, the contagion is running, in the last 14 days the threshold set by the government of 500 positives per 100 thousand inhabitants has been exceeded, as well as 35% of employment in intensive care: the city of Madrid cannot do its own thing. The distinctions, the street-by-street lockdowns decided by the governor of the capital are too eccentric compared to the national health plan. The fight against the virus, says the government for socialist premier Pedro Snchez, must be one and we must decide for the whole country with an overall vision. This time the police station has the form of the State of Alert, but the meaning is the same: it is no longer the periphery that decides, but the center.

health or politics? Both of them. The socialist-led central government, that of Madrid has a leader of the Partido Popular: Psoe-Pp, the usual opponents. What better occasion to discredit each other? The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, in announcing the imposition of the state of alert attacked the governor of Madrid Isabel Daz Ayuso, of the Pardido Popular. In politics, in 99% of cases one can opine, in 1% no – said the socialist minister -. That in Madrid there is an indisputable community transmission of the virus. Patience has a limit, there is no worse deaf than someone who does not want to hear. Last week 63 people died of Covid-19 in the Madrid region. At present, there are 3,361 people in the hospital, 498 fighting for their lives in the ICU. Making politics means serving the people and stopping the virus.

Yesterday the bridge to the Virgen del Pilar began in Spain and the government wanted to prevent the people of Madrid, the Spaniards with the highest percentage of infected in the country, from going to the sea or the mountains to spread the virus. Thanks to the State of Alert, the government was able to legally seal the city: 7,000 policemen are mobilized to monitor the exit arteries, train and bus stations, airports. You do not leave the city if not for unspeakable reasons for work and health or to go home. In the capital, however, bars, restaurants, schools, gyms can be filled between 50 and 60%, churches 33%, you will not leave Madrid except for work and study, the meetings will be limited to 6 people.

The deaf governor is not there. Isabel Daz Ayuso asks that it be left the faculty to close individual neighborhoods when the infected are 750 per 100 thousand and not 500 as the government requires. Ayuso had won the legal appeal against an initial override of its rules by the government, but the State of Alarm now leaves it without legal instruments. Politics remains. The number of infections was already decreasing thanks to our measures – say the Ayuso councilors -. The state of alarm is disproportionate and unfair, the people of Madrid will not understand it. We ask for it to be withdrawn for health reasons and democratic hygiene. The troops are lined up: on the left those who protect, on the right those who think about the economy. The state of alert will last 14 days. Maybe enough to see the infections decrease, maybe not. Then the debate will have to land in Parliament. National party leaders are ready to debate, in the spotlight.

October 9, 2020 (change October 9, 2020 | 20:59)



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