COVID cases fall in critical areas of NY, but the state maintains restrictions and closures – Telemundo New York (47)

Levels of new coronavirus cases in hotspots across the state, including Brooklyn, have fallen since Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the hyperlocated shutdowns on October 8; however, the restrictions remain at some points.

Despite touting the success of the state’s effort to quell the COVID-19 outbreaks, Cuomo declined to lift restrictions in some neighborhoods.

“We have to watch the numbers,” he insisted.

Cuomo hinted at a hotspot that covers much of South Brooklyn, which means schools and non-essential businesses remain closed and places of worship have strict capacity limits. Much of Brooklyn and Queens are also covered by “yellow zones,” which have fewer restrictions but remain under increased scrutiny due to spikes in coronavirus.

The closures went into effect on Oct. 8 when Cuomo changed the state’s focus by creating a kind of firewall in specific areas, this before the spread spreads to other neighborhoods.

And it looks like they’re working: Cuomo said Monday that positivity rates for all red zones have improved. Brooklyn’s seven-day average rate currently stands at 4.19 percent, down from 5.86 percent at the beginning of the rally, according to state data.


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