Freiburg real estate agent relies on high quality and home staging when selling real estate:

KROSS REAL ESTATE, December 6, 2022

Times have changed. Still, but now more than ever, home staging is one of the most important elements in real estate sales.

When looking for your personal real estate agent in Freiburg, make sure that professional home staging is included in the service package. Because this appreciation of the property for sale is the business card of the real estate offer on the market. It’s literally a first impression that never gets a second chance. The magnet of success.

Why insist on the Home Staging service

KROß IMMOBILIEN is a real estate agent in Freiburg and relies on high-quality and modern technologies for the sale of every property. This, combined with the real estate agent’s good personal advice, results in an all-round carefree package for every real estate seller who wants to sell his property quickly and at the best price.

This success is made possible by many factors in the complete service package, such as 3D virtual tours for interested parties, real estate documentation service, professional real estate photos and videos. The aim is to avoid tourist tourism, save valuable time and offer potential property buyers an optimal impression of the property from the very first moment. This also means having more time available for suitable prospects. But this detailed presentation in print and digital format is only realized through professional home staging, which KROß IMMOBILIEN offers as a service for its real estate sellers. A home staging for vacant and still inhabited properties in Freiburg and the region.

Because with home staging, the house, apartment and property are prepared in such a way that they are presented in the best light. Small damages are repaired by craftsmen, worn walls are repainted, the rooms are comfortably furnished so that anyone interested would like to live in them. This is the only way to produce professional high-resolution photos and videos for real estate marketing. This is ideal preparation for a virtual tour of the property. Added to this is the personal touch that the real estate agent of KROß IMMOBILIEN brings to each client. Daniel Kroß, owner of KROß REAL ESTATE, says:

“Humanity combined with professionalism is the basis for success. According to this motto, we deal with every property sale very individually and with heart. For you as the owner, we do everything possible to ensure that the property sale is a great experience for you with the best result. From Freiburg, we are also happy to look after more distant properties in the entire Black Forest region because we are well organised. We also think that every property should shine in the best light with home staging”.

Sell ​​real estate better with Freiburg’s home staging real estate agents

So what does it mean to be successful with home staging? What makes the difference compared to simple images of the property that highlight all the details? Renata Kroß from KROß IMMOBILIEN is a home staging expert and knows the answer: “The direct translation of the home staging principle is home staging, i.e. staging the house on stage. This staging and the attractive design of a real estate help potential buyers perceive the property as their future home. For me, home staging is like a beautiful trick. It effectively emphasizes the benefits and gives the perfect glow.”

To the video – Real estate showcase with home staging:

Indeed, the success of real estate sales can also be expressed in convincing figures, which have been determined by various survey studies. As home staging achieves a goal that 81% of people can visually imagine living in the rooms on offer, the numbers are rising in all areas. The property can be sold up to 50% faster than before. According to a 2015 study by the National Association of Realtors, home prices are rising 11 to 20 percent, and minor home defects are being accepted without a price cut. These are numbers that real estate marketers want to see – and therefore every real estate agent and real estate seller.

3 tips for your professional real estate sale

Selling a property quickly and at the same time selling the property at the best price is not a contradiction in terms. Because the solution can be found in quality real estate marketing and real estate support from an experienced Freiburg real estate agent. With its high-quality service package, it combines the quick sale of properties with the sale of the property at the best price. The result of this equation is: Selling the property in high quality – quickly and yet at the best real estate price, with a carefree, comprehensive package including professional home staging. Because with the home staging principle, potential buyers for the property can be found quickly. So here are three tips for selling your property:

1. Real estate appraisal: KROß REAL ESTATE is the right contact for real estate appraisals in Freiburg and the surrounding area, so that the price of the property is not valued higher or lower than the property value. It’s not just about the property itself, its condition or the environment in which it is located. Supply and demand must also be taken into account, which is why the property valuation is best carried out by a real estate agent in and around Freiburg who is familiar with the current situation in the region.

2. Presentation of the perfect and advantageous property: home staging in particular puts the property in the right and best light. This does not, however, mean covering up shortcomings, but rather pointing out existing advantages. With home staging, even small defects are eliminated and the individual potential and value of the property can be optimally recognized in the pictures at a glance, even before an inspection. The real estate presentation therefore includes professional real estate photographs, a high-quality printout of the exhibition in print format and a flawless and legally correct presentation of the property in digital media, on portals and on the Internet itself.

3. Reliable contact: When selling a property, it is important to exclude potential serious buyers from viewers in advance, so as not to waste valuable time. On the other hand, prompt response to specific questions from seriously interested parties is important so they don’t look elsewhere. Generous and professional time management should therefore be ensured for several months as soon as the property is offered on the market.

Of course, these three points are just the tip of the iceberg. Because in order to sell a property in a high quality, fast and professional manner, there are a number of other details that need to be considered in order to get the best price for the property. This includes knowledge of the correct advertisement on the real estate portal, the complete and up-to-date real estate file with all important documents or skillful negotiation talks with real estate buyers.

Use the free real estate appraisal for real estate

KROß REAL ESTATE provides all property owners with a free, no-obligation digital tool to estimate their real estate value. With this, a real estate appraisal can be done in minutes. For this purpose, an easy-to-understand form is filled in online, which contains the most important key data of the property so that the program can value the property in Freiburg and surroundings. In this way, every real estate seller can prepare well for the free initial consultation with his real estate agent in Freiburg, so that buyers can be found quickly for the property and the property can be sold with a high quality.

Service orientation: home staging and all-round carefree package

Your property is in good hands with KROß REAL ESTATE right from the start. With this real estate agent from Freiburg, every real estate seller not only has a real estate agent at hand, but also a real estate partner at his side for whom the sale of real estate is at least as important. This saves you trial and error, time and money, because the personal contact of KROß REAL ESTATE takes care of all sales activities with extensive expertise and specialist knowledge. This real estate agent from Freiburg accompanies you throughout the entire sales process. And when things get tough, the real estate agent goes the extra mile for his clients.

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The Freiburg real estate agency started selling properties in 2017. It specializes in the marketing of residential properties in the greater Freiburg area. The real estate agent from Freiburg works with, among other things, external financial advisors, presents all real estate offers on over ten different internet platforms and is also breaking new ground in the marketing of real estate. Telephone availability is guaranteed seven days a week. The contact person for real estate sellers is Daniel Kroß.

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Mr. Daniel Kross

Upper Rieselfeldgraben 3

79111 Freiburg im Breisgau

phone ..: +49-761-40191900


email : [email protected]

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