COVID-19: “We will be able to get by”

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Health Canada predicts that the number of new COVID-19 infections will increase dramatically over the next few months, reaching up to 45,000 cases per day in October.

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For André Veillette, immunologist at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, this increase has already started, but we must remain cautious.

“We must first see if it will come true,” launches the expert.

“You can see it’s progressing slowly, I think the virus is what it’s trying to do is find the unvaccinated people. We know that there are about 22% of people over 12 who are not vaccinated, ”explains the specialist.

He explains that the virus only has to find groups of unvaccinated people, such as in super-spreading events, for cases to skyrocket.

According to him, the figure that really reflects the epidemiological situation in Canada is the number of new hospitalizations.

“We must not forget that we still have 78% of the population aged 12 and over who are vaccinated with vaccines which are fantastic for preventing hospitalizations, severe illnesses and complications,” underlines André Veillette.

However, André Veillette believes that health measures will have to remain in place until a greater percentage of the population has not been vaccinated.

“As long as the virus circulates, and as long as we still have a group as vulnerable to infection, the unvaccinated, I think we must still be careful,” said the expert.

“I think that once everyone is vaccinated, and that the virus does not play other tricks on us, I think that we will be able to get out of it”, affirms André Veillette.

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