Covid-19: freezing of insurance premiums for the most affected sectors

The catering, hotel, sport, tourism, culture and events sectors will benefit from a freeze on insurance premiums in 2021. Bruno Le Maire announced that insurers have committed to freeze contributions for professional multi-risk contracts in these sectors.

The agreement reached will apply to companies, VSEs and SMEs, up to 250 employees. The measure will therefore be taken into account at the local level, according to the terms of each insurance.

While many insurance companies had already started to establish premium refunds before this measure, due notices have already been sent to the professional insureds concerned.

The premium freeze is the fact that the 2021 premiums are equal to the 2020 premiums. So the policyholders will approach their insurance company so that the premium is readjusted between what had been planned and what must be done, taking into account new government announcements “, explains Fabienne Hebrew, from the Antilles-Guyana Insurance Committee.


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