Covid 19 / Corona in our retirement homes in the Miltenberg district: Why the Miltenberg district urgently needs new local politicians but read it yourself!

Dear Sir or Madam,

Today I would like to talk to you about the old people’s homes in the Miltenberg district, and why, in my opinion, our local politicians are no longer acceptable … I would like to explain in detail here why I believe that some things have to change … No, I do would like to put it another way, why the conditions are partly intolerable for me … but read completely what is going on in our old people’s homes as it could be …

When I look at our retirement homes, the first thing I notice is that I don’t want to grow old at all, unfortunately there isn’t a single beautiful retirement home in the Miltenberg district, it starts with the space, when I’m old I want to go out into nature At the lake, in the mountains, I look at other retirement homes around the world and their concepts, then a retirement home in Miltenberg has the size of 2000 square meters.I have seen retirement homes in the Netherlands, the 200,000 square meters have been built in a shopping mall similar to the city Gallery in Aschaffenburg that has the advantage that I can stroll … I think what we have here in the Miltenberg district is simply terrible … when I look at the Center-Parcs in the Allgäu, it’s great …

If I look at the food that you get in the nursing home, everyone who has been to the hospital knows that this is not a gourmet shop, I think that’s bad because everyone actually needs a different food, the diabetes patient needs different food, like the woman
who wants to lose weight, unfortunately there is only uniform food … but what bothers me so much about our retirement home concepts in the district of Miltenberg is the fact that I see retirement homes with integrated kindergarten elsewhere, or retirement homes where you can take your dog the children are out of the house, live elsewhere, loneliness is spreading, what to do all day long, great when you have your dog with you, or simply being able to take care of the kindergarten children as grandma and grandpa. ..

Here you can see a retirement home with a daycare center, but I hope the Miltenberg district is building it right now …

What I have to complain about so much about our retirement homes is also the fact that we have standardized retirement homes, go to the university clinic in Würzburg, there you have a dermatologist clinic, internal surgery, etc., all people are trained in their specialty In our homes for the elderly, the thief patient lives next to the dementia patient and is treated by the specialist nurse from the Ukraine … you know what that can give, nothing half and not whole … I look at it just like how people do it internationally, they build a whole village especially for people with dementia, I hope that our old people’s homes will follow suit, a blind patient would be better off in a old people’s home especially for the blind … the Miltenberg district should specialize in every type of disease Completely different things require a diabetes patient needs different food, different medical care, did you know that dementia patients need special mattresses ???

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here you can see the Alzheimer’s village De Hogeweyk

What also annoys me a lot is the offer for wheelchair users in the Miltenberg district, bad what we have to offer here, as our politicians announced a year ago the old town in Miltenberg is to be rebuilt for older people … yes, I’ve seen little of it now. ..
It’s a shame that there are no workshops in old people’s homes where you can do something like the one seen here …

For some time now, I have been annoyed by the leisure activities in old people’s homes, too ??? I loved this retirement home and what they do …

There are reasons why I have to severely criticize the old people’s homes here in the region, I simply compare the offer of the old people’s homes in the Miltenberg area with the offers elsewhere, there I see old people’s homes that are significantly larger, there is a gym in the old people’s home where people train to keep fit, a sauna, an indoor swimming pool, some are equipped like rehab centers, and above all you have a doctor around the clock in other hospitals, a psychologist many elderly people are afraid of aging afraid of dying elsewhere courses are offered that alleviate such complaints here you see a retirement home with an integrated doctor unfortunately somewhere else and not in Miltenberg …

When I look at the further training courses for nurses, I also get scared, I tell them like it is a nurse has to be trained every day, in Germany there are 6000-8000 diseases now everyone has to think twice, a new patient is coming in now, the man has an illness let’s just call it Marfan’s syndrome, now the nurse has to know what the man is allowed to eat, how do I have to deal with this man, he can possibly tolerate it. no heat, he has to drink a lot of cold water … how often have you seen that a nurse is trained in the Miltenberg district ??? Then they know how things are going with our old people’s homes and how professionally our politicians run it.

Here you can see care robots in action, they think that somebody comes up with the idea of ​​making a little electrical engineering part of the training content of care workers, the robot has to be serviced, what should be done in the event of a malfunction ??? Unfortunately, this is not part of the training … not yet … but here, too, it shows too little political thought …

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I don’t know how they are, I would be afraid of getting old in the Miltenberg district, how often do I see the ambulance coming in front of my door, I know a nurse who told me how many drugs our nursing homes have in stock, if you only have 200 medication in stock, you don’t have your own room and badly trained nurses then a person can’t survive in the event of cardiac arrest a well-trained nurse, would know what to do, I found this report in the Zdf exciting about this, German nursing staff is permanently overwhelmed, it’s a shame that no study is done in the Miltenberg district … in this article the nurses themselves say that they would not go to the old people’s homes … you have to think about that … exciting contribution by the Zdf You should have seen it on this.

For me it’s no wonder that the Awo nursing home in Weilbach had to file for bankruptcy … I wouldn’t even like to live in one of our nursing homes, why is that ??? That has nothing to do with the bankruptcy of the Awo … Everyone who was once in the hospital in Erlenbach knows it when someone is lying next to you who screams in pain, you can’t shut your eyes, now you would think the walls between the individual Rooms are thickly insulated, an extra house standard was chosen so that noise protection plays a major role but unfortunately this is not the case, unfortunately there are only few nurses for these jobs here, which of course is also due to the incredibly poor equipment in the Miltenberg district, I do not know where to start,
A friend of mine has already had 3 herniated discs when a patient has to be washed, she is 1.65 tall, 59 kg on the speedometer is supposed to pick up a 1.95 m tall man who weighs 148 kg. There is a massive lack of equipment here …

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Here you can see a car wash for people, the alarm clock rings, it is 7 a.m. at 8 a.m. there is breakfast constant stress for the caregivers 20 people have to be washed in the shower before they go to breakfast, everyone wants to eat at the same time, that costs time, Also, many people find it uncomfortable to touch people in the genital area, concepts about how to do it differently everywhere, just not in the Miltenberg district with our local politicians …

When I see that there aren’t even massage robots, in our retirement homes I know that they can’t be well managed

I think it is time to build the nursing home of the future, with an integrated gym, for the caregivers, a man who weighs 148 kg has to go to the toilet, a caregiver has to lift it, I also find it sad when I see that some nurses still have to scrub toilets so you could do it too … the nurses urgently need special training to prevent spinal disc damage …

Thank you for reading, there are now 52 applications that have been received for founding a party, we are getting on, I would like to keep you up to date with this, I wanted 200. You can still apply at [email protected]

Also support my petition on new elections in the Miltenberg district. I wanted to give you another contribution here and now, in my series, why I meanwhile think that these local politicians are no longer acceptable to introduce the topic of old people’s homes, the same problems have been unsolved for years, and they would remain unsolved in the future as well By the way, it’s all, but definitely not getting old in the Miltenberg district. I wanted to show you how others do things and how could that be.

If you have watched the Zdf post, then you will know how things are going with nursing homes in Germany. Even in the Miltenberg district we do not yet manage to grow old like professionals, then they support me in founding my party, then we do it Right, right now you can’t talk about the fact that professionals are at work here.

Finally, read the article above about it, even in the Miltenberg district, it doesn’t look any better, now you also know why I want to found a party, I just want to do a lot better.

Thank you for reading with kind regards Florian Rath

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