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COVID-19: Capture Toto-Piyarat, Chief of Guard Vivo Kha, Sanam Luang during the live shrimp sale.

2 hours ago

Police officers took over Piyarat Chongthep or Toto, the chief of the “Vivo” guards group, with the guys from Sanam Luang after preparing to use the online shrimp sales area.

We Volunteer card group or “Vivo” arrange an event countdown to the New Year “Countdown 2021” at 6:00 pm in an unreleased location. The main activity is shrimp distribution. To help the vendors affected by the new coronavirus outbreak, with the first major epidemic center at the shrimp market in Samut Sakhon Province, people are afraid to consume shrimp and seafood.

Around 11.00 AM, Vivo group brought 5 tons of shrimp farmers in Nakhon Pathom Province to load 5 tons of shrimp, put them in the back of 6 trucks, and prepared to set up a tent at Sanam Luang to launch shrimp sales via online channels. Before delivering the shrimp to the public according to the order

However, the police officers were led by Lt. Col. Attawit Saini, Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police 1 (Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Nor. 1), in the capacity of acting in lieu of Pol. Ngor. 1, along with Pol. Manee, Ph.D. Chana Songkhram Police Station Negotiated with Mr. Piyarat Please stop the activity And strictly prohibit selling things on public areas In addition, at least one company mobilized police officers in crowd control units with weapons, shields and baton to move towards the place where Vivo group was in. In preparation for receiving orders for the demolition of the tent

In the meantime, the police announced through the car amplifier that The COVID-19 Outbreak Situation Management Center (FAB) has issued a ban on demonstrations, mingling or congestion activities that risk spreading COVID-19. By virtue of the Emergency Decree (Royal Decree) government administration in emergency situations Any person who violates must be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding 40,000 baht.

Government gazette

While Mr. Piyarat insisted on continuing to organize the event, stating that he had invested in a shrimp car with a budget of 8 hundred thousand baht and announced to invite the public through Facebook Live to gather at Sanam Luang as much as possible. To witness that the police did not let the shrimp sales group And also brought forces to surround them despite the intention of organizing activities to help farmers

“The police will come and arrest me. If siblings hear I will have him catch me and the Vivo brothers. Ask your brothers and sisters to take care of them too. I won’t be out of here, if I catch it, “Piyarat said.

In the end, Piyarat and the gang were detained by the police and went to the police van at 12.10.

Then the officer closed the gate of Sanam Luang. No one is allowed to use the area again. Until clashes between police officers and Vivo group members

The result of the arrest of the Vivo card leader Causing the remaining members to move to the opening of the shrimp sale at the 14 October Memorial Separate Kog Wua Salan, priced at 359 baht / kg.

Previously, on December 26, Vivo group used shrimp farmers to open a stall selling about 1 ton of shrimp at the foot of the Shamai Maruchet Bridge. In front of the Government House One round The price is 170 baht / kg.

For Vivo group It is a coalition of democracy groups and the reform of the monarchy. Which calls itself “the people”

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