Covid-19 Can Last 8 Hours in the Air

korona-anak.jpg – Corona virus has been announced WHO can be transmitted through the air or transmission spray. Head of the Eijkman Molecular Biology Institute, Amin Subandrio said the Corona virus that spreads through the air can last for up to 8 hours. This is the concern of many parties.

“This virus in the air can last up to 8 hours,” Amin Subandrio said in a virtual discussion in the Jakarta area, Saturday (11/7).

Therefore Amin hopes that the public can apply strict health protocol discipline. This includes widening ventilation and air circulation. So that it can avoid Covid-19 floating in the air.

“Therefore there should be ventilation. So there is a window that is opened so that there is fresh air circulation, “he said.

Amin explained, the Corona virus inside the room is more dangerous than outside the room. This is because in the room the circulation or circulation of the Corona virus is only in that place.

“People have only just realized that in the room, especially those using AC, the air is spinning there, there is no rotation from the outside,” he said.

Editor: Banu Adikara

Reporter: Gunawan Wibisono

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