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Latvian Radio broadcast Family Studio “visits colleagues from Latvian Television – Laura Vonda, the host of the news program” Panorama “, and her other half – Ivana Milova, the leading operator of the LTV News Service. They are together both at work and in life. .

Laura and Ivan are the parents of nine-year-old Helen and three-month-old Albert. The time of the pandemic was special for them – Laura was expecting her second child at that time, but Ivan worked even harder than usual and observed all safety measures to protect his loved ones.

“This is really a job where it is important that we understand the other person’s work. We often have to work on holidays, and if you’re not all in it yourself, at some point you start blaming. For example, it is my week [grafikā] and I worked at Christmas for seven years, ”reveals Laura.

In the “Family Studio” podcast:

Length – 50 min; new episodes every working day.

“If we’re arguing, just about work,” adds Ivan. He also reveals that he really likes the work of the operator in the News Service, because there is a lot of unpredictability.

Of course, not everything is always perfect because of the unpredictability, when what is planned for who will take a daughter from school or take her to a group, falls. But the fact that the husband may return late or decide to go and film something in the middle of the night, because it will probably come in handy, does not surprise Laura.

The agenda is set by Albert

Laura is not working at the moment because she is raising little Albert. The conversation is planned at a time when Albert is usually asleep, but in life, as always, everything is different and the three-month-old boy is also happy to participate.

“Currently, Albert sets the family agenda, day by day without special plans, until Albert has a daily routine,” says Laura.

Laura also reveals that so far there has been a good owl due to her work. Now Albert has shown that the sun weaves very beautifully. Now, along with Albert at five in the morning, he walks around the house to see who is sleeping, maybe the nurse needs to be covered.

Ivan also agrees that the rhythm of the day has changed a lot and life in general has changed. But not only Albert but also the virus has brought changes to the family.

“If others had the opportunity to stay at home, unfortunately I did not have that opportunity. I seem to be moving to work because I spent all the time there, ”says Ivan.

During the emergency, there were many more at work.

“Until now, there was a television in the second home for the whole family, now during this pandemic it was that I came home – everyone is sleeping, I left – everyone is sleeping again,” says Ivan.

The time of the virus also brought changes in childbirth, because Laura had to go to the hospital alone. Laura’s first emotions were that it was unfair … But the situation was that Ivan and Helen accompanied him to the hospital and met him three days later.

“It so happened that Albert met his sister and dad when he was three days old,” Laura says.

“Albert and I met in a mask,” Laura recalls. “A mask was also issued when registering for childbirth in the hospital. It was crazy. If people say that walking in a mask and talking is crazy, I say that giving birth in a mask is even crazier. ”

Ivan adds that filming in a mask is also difficult, because the viewfinder of the camera is sweating all the time.

The fact that Ivan has had to be at work and in people so much has also made us think more carefully about precautions at home. Ivan admits that he was afraid to bring the virus home.

Albert nods in agreement when his mother talks about her experience in the hospital. Laura reveals that she intends to return to work when Albert is about a year old.

All together on television

Helen is also longing for television because she likes it there. There are children of several employees.

“The rhythm is that you have to take it with you,” admits Laura.

There has been a playroom on television for almost 20 years.

“It is one of the first playrooms in Riga. It is a huge bonus for employees, when you can leave the child in the morning, he will be looked after,” says Ivan.

“The playroom is a very good bonus on Latvian Television. I say this to all potential colleagues, people who may one day work on Latvian Television,” says Laura.

“When the playroom is closed at five in the afternoon, all the children move to the News Service in a friendly way, because at five there is nothing over and none of the evening news releases have yet been made. Then they all come to the News Service Then we all bring up together: quieter, quieter, others work, “continues Laura.

She estimates that children who are alone in the family have probably been very sad during their distance learning and restrictions. She and Helen were only home for two months.

“She seemed to have too much of me,” Laura admits. “Sometimes it seemed very difficult to her that there hadn’t been any children’s society for more than a month.”

Helen agrees that she has often been bored at home during her distance learning. But the arrival of the little brother changed that, and together with his best friend, they decided to play remotely with a video call. The “squirrels” can also be played over the phone.

Enjoy being together

Laura and Ivan say that holidays are rare when you don’t have to work and everyone can be together. Then try to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

“You don’t have to look for what to do on vacation, because there is not enough free time – you have to go to friends, parents, maybe someone has a birthday, so those free days fill up,” Laura says. “These are peaceful days without running, when you can sleep, get up calmly and have breakfast together. The very fact that we’re all at home alone is unusual. ”

One common hobby for the family is – traveling. This year, a trip to a foreign country will be missed, because Albert is too small to go, and it is not very safe due to the coronavirus.

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