Covid-19 between cottages. The new local focus is in the Pilsen region, paramedics are taking samples – ČT24 – Czech Television

“We tried to catch everyone and get the data so that we could invite them here,” said Mayor Jaroslav Beneš. “These are those who live in Tatina – so permanent residence – and those who have permanent residence elsewhere, but are physically here, come here to the cottage, or come here on weekends,” he said.

The ambulance arrived in front of the municipal office around 9:30. Under the tent shelter, paramedics in protective suits gradually took samples from people. Some stood in line, others gradually came.

According to CT editor Pavlína Polatová, a total of 210 people tested hygienists. According to the mayor, the results of the tests taken from the samples taken should be held by the mayor on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Anti-epidemic measures will last for at least two weeks

In the village, people have to wear drapes outside, they are not allowed to gather, the local inn and the municipal office have closed, all sports, social and cultural events have been canceled. In addition, the municipality disinfects public spaces daily, such as a bus stop, container parking, benches and waste bins. Disinfection will last for at least two weeks. “If anything else is needed, we will find out only on the basis of test results,” Beneš added.

The infection first appeared in the village in a seventy-four-year-old woman who was hospitalized in Pilsen last Saturday with symptoms of a respiratory infection. The infected senior participated in her sister’s 80th birthday party about a week before the positive test. Therefore, other people who took part in the celebration in Tatina, as well as family members, had to take the tests.

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The results showed infection in another nine people, none of whom have any symptoms of the disease and did not have to go to the hospital. During the tracing of patients, it was found out, among other things, that some of those infected had taken a bus to the tour before last weekend.

In the Pilsen Region, according to regional hygienists, coronavirus infection has been detected in 840 people since the beginning of the pandemic, 17 of them died and 668 recovered. In addition to Tatiná, an outbreak appeared in the region last week with 34 cases of infection in the aftercare hospital in Horažďovice in the Klatovy region. Patients usually have an asymptomatic course.

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