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Covid-19, asthma or allergy: how to make a difference? – LINFO.re

Certain symptoms of Covid-19 and those of asthma or allergies may come together. It is therefore important to know how to distinguish them in order to be able to take adequate measures.

In this pandemic period of coronavirus, allergic symptoms orasthma can be reminiscent of those of the Covid-19. The French-speaking Pneumology Society therefore wanted to enlighten people on the subject.

What makes the difference?

The allergies can cause sneezing with a clear discharge, and sometimes coughing. As forasthma, it can cause respiratory discomfort with the feeling of lack of air. Professor Chantal Raherison, cited by France Bleu, pointed out, however, that neither causes an increase in temperature, headache, chills, intense fatigue, or loss of taste and smell as Covid-19. People with coronavirus also have a dry cough.

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Consult a doctor if in doubt

According to the doctor, some allergics would even hesitate to take their treatment to avoid missing the symptoms of coronavirus. Professor Raherison has indeed pointed out that “cortisone and doliprane can mask the rise in temperature and fever”. She recommends that people who have doubts or questions approach their treating doctor.

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Respect barrier gestures like everyone else

It can also happen that allergy sufferers have the sensation that the bronchi are burning. If it is not accompanied by fever or dry cough, there is no reason to think of an infection with Covid-19according to Doctissimo, citing the Association Asthma and Allergies. People with allergies or asthma, who do not have an unusual cough, respiratory discomfort and / or fever, should continue to respect barrier gestures, like the rest of the population.

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