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Cory Doctorow e la teoria della enshittification: perché la tecnologia non può che peggiorare

The ​Rise of Blogs in the Age of Platform Enshittification

In a world ​dominated by social media platforms like⁢ Facebook and Twitter, where algorithms dictate what‌ content⁢ we see and privacy concerns are rampant, many⁤ are​ turning back to ‍more traditional forms⁣ of online​ communication. As Cory Doctorow points out, platforms like ‍Substack are gaining popularity⁤ not ​necessarily⁤ because of their ethical practices, ​but because they offer users the‍ ability to​ take their content and subscribers with​ them if they choose to leave.

While these platforms may‍ offer ‌a larger audience and more visibility, they ​also come with ​the risk of being ‍at the mercy of the platform’s ‍policies and ⁤algorithms. This ⁣is where blogs shine – ‍they provide a stable online presence that is not controlled by any ⁣external ⁤entity. As⁤ Doctorow suggests, “a blog remains the best way to build a stable⁢ online career: even ⁣if⁢ you lose ⁤the amplification‍ of the message that⁢ comes from ⁤a platform, you gain ⁤the autonomy of not being at the mercy ​of⁢ anyone.”

In a time where technology is ‍advancing ‌rapidly and concerns ⁢about privacy and control ⁤are growing, the return to blogs as a primary form of online ⁢communication is‌ a‌ welcome change. Blogs‍ offer individuals the freedom to express themselves without the ⁤constraints ‍of a platform,⁤ and the ability to build a loyal audience that is not subject ⁣to the whims of an algorithm.

As we navigate the complexities of the digital‍ age, it is important to ‌remember ‍the value of independent voices and‌ the ‌power of self-publishing. ⁤Blogs provide a platform for creativity, expression, and connection that is not easily ​replicated on social media platforms. In a world where platform enshittification is a real concern, blogs offer a beacon of ‍hope for ‌those seeking autonomy and stability‍ in their ​online​ presence.

Building a Stable Online ​Career: The Power of Blogs

In a world where social media⁢ platforms like ‌TV and Discord dominate the online landscape, many are turning back to platforms ⁢like Substack. Not necessarily because of the ethics ⁢of the platform owners, which remain questionable, but because it is easier to leave and take everything⁢ with ‍you: the subscribers, their campaigns, the benefits gained from the platforms. However, a blog remains the best way to build a stable online career: even though you ​may lose the message amplification that comes‌ from a platform, you gain the autonomy of not being at the mercy of anyone.

Embracing Independence

As Cory Doctorow points out, the shift towards platforms like Substack is driven by a desire for independence. ‌While ⁤platforms offer reach and visibility, they also come with limitations and⁢ risks. By having a blog,⁤ you have full control over your​ content and audience, without ‍being subject to the whims of platform⁤ algorithms or policies.

Creating⁣ a Strong ⁢Foundation

Building ‍a career online is about more than just numbers ‍and metrics. It’s about establishing a strong foundation of⁤ trust and credibility ‌with your audience. ​A blog allows you to showcase your expertise, personality, and values‌ in a way that is authentic and lasting.​ It serves as ⁣a hub for your online presence,​ where you can engage ⁣with your audience ‍on your terms.

Long-Term⁢ Sustainability

While social ⁢media platforms may offer⁣ quick ⁣bursts of attention, a blog provides⁤ long-term⁣ sustainability. By ‍consistently creating ⁤valuable content and nurturing your⁤ community, you can cultivate a loyal following that will support you in the long⁤ run. This ⁢stability is essential for building a sustainable online career that can withstand the ever-changing digital⁢ landscape.


In a world where platforms come⁤ and ⁢go, a blog remains a timeless​ tool for ⁢building a successful online career. By prioritizing autonomy,​ independence, and⁣ authenticity, you can create a strong foundation that will support you for years to⁢ come. So, while‍ the ‍allure⁤ of social​ media platforms ⁤may be strong, don’t underestimate‌ the ​power of a well-crafted⁣ blog ⁤in shaping your online ‍presence and career.

Building a Stable Online Career: The‌ Power of Autonomy

In​ a⁤ world where social media platforms ⁣are constantly changing their algorithms and policies, many ‍content creators⁣ are seeking more control over their online presence. As Cory Doctorow points⁤ out, platforms ‌like Discord may offer ‌convenience, but ‌they come with a price. The recent ⁢shift towards platforms‍ like Substack highlights a‍ growing ⁣desire for autonomy and stability⁢ in the digital landscape.

While platforms like Discord may provide ‍a large audience ​and easy communication, they also come with ‍limitations. Doctorow suggests that building a career on a blog offers more stability and control. By having your own platform, you are not at the mercy⁤ of ​ever-changing algorithms or the whims of platform owners.

Many creators ‌are now realizing the importance of‍ owning their ‍content and building a direct relationship with their audience. Moving away from platforms like Discord​ allows them to take their subscribers, campaigns, and benefits with‍ them, ensuring a sense of continuity and independence.

The Power of a Blog ⁢in the Digital Age

Despite the allure ‍of platforms with built-in⁢ audiences, a blog ⁤remains a powerful tool for building a sustainable online career. ‍While you may lose ‍the amplification that comes from a platform, you ⁢gain the⁢ autonomy to control your content and brand. A blog allows you to establish your voice, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and build a loyal following⁢ that is ⁢not ‍tied​ to any specific platform.

By investing ‍in your blog, you are investing in your long-term success. While platforms may come and⁣ go, your blog⁤ remains a constant presence in the ⁣digital landscape. It serves ⁢as a hub⁣ for your content, a platform for your ideas, and a gateway to building ⁢a lasting online career.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the value of autonomy and stability ⁣becomes increasingly clear. ‌While platforms like Discord may ⁢offer convenience, the true ⁢power lies in owning your content⁢ and building a direct relationship with your⁢ audience. By embracing the power of a blog, content ‍creators⁢ can forge a⁣ path to⁢ a stable and⁢ successful online career.

Building a ‌Stable Online Career: The Power⁣ of Autonomy

In a⁢ world where social media platforms like Facebook and Discord are becoming increasingly centralized and controlling, many⁣ content creators are seeking alternative ⁢ways​ to build a ⁣stable online career. As Cory Doctorow points out, platforms like Substack are⁣ gaining popularity not only for their ease of‌ use but also for ⁢the autonomy they provide to creators.

Doctorow⁤ highlights the importance of autonomy in the online world, stating ⁣that⁣ while platforms like Facebook and Discord offer amplification ⁣of messages, they⁤ also come with the risk of being at the mercy ⁣of⁢ the platform owners. This lack ‌of control can be detrimental to a creator’s long-term success and stability.

By returning to more traditional platforms like blogs, creators can regain control over their content and their audience. While they⁢ may⁤ lose the amplification provided by ⁤larger platforms, they ​gain the freedom⁣ to build a career on their own terms.

Building a career ‍online is not just about reaching a large audience; it’s also about⁢ maintaining independence and control over one’s work. By choosing⁤ platforms ⁢that⁢ prioritize⁤ autonomy, creators can ensure ⁤their ​long-term success and stability in the ever-changing digital⁢ landscape.

Embracing‌ Autonomy in ⁣the Digital ⁣Age

As the ​digital landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for content creators to prioritize autonomy ⁤in their online careers. By⁣ choosing⁣ platforms that offer independence and control, creators can ‍build ⁣a stable career that is not reliant on ⁣the ⁣whims ‍of​ centralized platforms.

While the allure of social media⁤ amplification may ⁤be strong, the long-term benefits of‍ autonomy far‌ outweigh the short-term gains. By‍ investing ‌in ⁢platforms that prioritize creator⁤ control,​ content creators can ensure their work is not only seen but also⁢ respected and valued.

Ultimately, building a stable ⁣online career is about more than just ‌numbers; ⁣it’s about building a community, ‌establishing trust, and maintaining independence. By embracing autonomy in the digital age, creators can pave the⁣ way for ⁣a more sustainable and ​fulfilling ​career path.

Building ⁣a Stable Online Career: The Power of Autonomy

In a‌ world where‌ social media platforms are constantly ‌changing their algorithms and policies, many content creators are seeking more ‌control over ‌their online presence. ⁣As Cory Doctorow ‌points out, platforms like⁢ Facebook and Discord may offer a⁣ wide reach, but they also come with ​a⁢ lack of autonomy‌ and⁤ the risk⁣ of ​being at⁢ the‍ mercy of platform owners.

Doctorow suggests that returning to more⁣ traditional ‍platforms like blogs can provide a sense of stability and independence. While platforms like Substack may offer an easier way to migrate followers and content,‌ a blog remains the best way to build a sustainable ‍online career.⁣ Despite losing the amplification that comes from ⁢a platform, creators gain the freedom of not being dependent on anyone else.

The Shift Towards Autonomy

As ​the digital landscape continues to evolve, many creators are reevaluating their online strategies. The allure of social media‍ platforms lies ‌in⁢ their ability to connect with a large audience⁣ quickly. However, the trade-off is often⁢ a loss of control ‌over ​one’s content and audience.

By shifting towards platforms that offer more autonomy, creators⁢ can take back control⁤ of ‌their online presence. ⁣Blogs, for example, allow creators to own their content, design, and audience. This ⁤independence is invaluable in an⁢ era where platform policies can ‍change overnight, leaving creators ​scrambling to adapt.

Embracing the⁤ Power of a Blog

While ‍platforms like Substack may offer convenience, a blog ⁣remains a powerful tool ‌for building ‍a⁤ long-term online career. With a blog, creators can⁤ establish their ⁣brand, cultivate a⁤ loyal audience, and​ monetize‌ their content on their⁤ terms.

By investing in a blog, creators are investing in their future. A blog provides a stable foundation ⁣for ‌growth and allows creators to weather‌ the ever-changing digital landscape with⁢ confidence. While ⁤the⁤ allure of social media platforms ⁢may be strong, the ‍autonomy and stability offered by a blog are ‍unmatched.


As Cory Doctorow suggests, the⁣ key to a ⁢stable online career lies in autonomy. ⁢By prioritizing platforms that offer control and⁤ independence, creators can build a sustainable online presence that​ withstands the test ‍of time. While the allure of social media platforms may be tempting, the long-term benefits of a blog far outweigh the short-term gains of platform amplification. In a digital ​world where change is constant,⁢ autonomy is the key ‍to success.

The Rise of Independent Blogging: Building a​ Stable Online Career

In a world where⁣ social media platforms like Facebook​ and ⁢Discord are ⁤facing scrutiny for their practices, many‌ content creators are turning back to platforms like Substack for a more independent‍ approach. While​ the ethics of these platforms may still be ⁣questionable, the ease of taking your audience, ⁣campaigns,⁣ and⁢ benefits with you when you​ leave is a major draw. ⁤However, despite the convenience of these platforms, a blog remains the best way to build a stable‍ online career.​

As Cory Doctorow points out, “even though you lose the amplification of‍ a platform, you ⁢gain the autonomy of not being at the mercy of anyone.” This autonomy is ‌crucial for long-term success⁢ in the‌ online‌ world. By having your own blog,​ you have full control over your content, audience,​ and monetization strategies. You ⁤are not subject to the⁢ whims of ​platform algorithms‍ or⁢ policies that can change overnight.

Building ⁤a career through ⁣blogging allows you to establish⁣ a loyal following based on your ⁢unique voice and perspective. It gives you the⁣ freedom to ​explore​ different topics, experiment ⁤with⁢ different formats,⁢ and truly connect with your‌ audience on a deeper level. While platforms like Substack⁣ may offer certain conveniences, they can⁣ never replicate the ⁣personal connection and authenticity that⁣ a​ blog can provide.

In a time where‌ technology⁤ is constantly evolving, it’s important to remember the power⁤ of a simple blog. By⁣ investing in your own platform,‌ you are ⁣investing in your future ‍and creating a ⁣sustainable online presence ‍that is not ​reliant on ​any single platform. So, while‌ the allure of instant ‌gratification⁤ on ‍social media platforms ⁣may be tempting, the long-term benefits of independent blogging far outweigh the ⁤temporary gains. It’s time to embrace the power of ​your own voice and⁢ build ⁣a career that is truly your ⁣own.

Building ‍a Stable Online Career: The Power of Blogs

In a world where social media platforms are constantly changing their algorithms and policies, many content creators are seeking more stable ⁣and⁢ autonomous ways⁤ to build⁤ their online presence. As Cory⁤ Doctorow‍ points out, platforms like Facebook and Discord may⁤ offer⁣ amplification ​for messages, but ⁣they also come with the risk ⁣of being at ​the mercy of the ‍platform owners.

Many creators are now turning back to platforms like Substack, not necessarily⁢ because of the ethical concerns​ surrounding‌ these platforms, ‍but because of ⁣the⁢ ease of taking their audience,‍ campaigns, ⁣and benefits with them. However, Doctorow emphasizes that a blog remains the best​ way⁣ to build a stable online career. Despite losing the ‍amplification provided by platforms, creators‌ gain the autonomy of not being dependent on anyone else.

Embracing Autonomy and Stability

By maintaining‍ a blog, ‍creators ⁤can ⁤control their⁣ content, ‍audience, and monetization strategies ⁤without the fear of sudden⁢ algorithm changes or platform shutdowns. Blogs allow for a direct connection with ⁤readers and⁤ followers, fostering⁢ a sense of community and⁣ loyalty that transcends platform boundaries.

While platforms‌ like Substack offer convenience and reach, they still operate within⁢ a centralized⁣ system that can change at any moment. In contrast, a blog hosted on​ a personal website gives ⁣creators full ​ownership and control ⁤over their⁣ online presence.

Long-Term ⁣Success Through Blogging

Building a career⁢ through blogging requires consistency, quality content, and engagement with the audience. By focusing on creating ⁤valuable and authentic content, creators can establish themselves as experts‌ in their niche and attract a dedicated following over time.

Moreover, blogs provide opportunities⁤ for ‍diversification, such ⁣as⁢ offering digital products, online courses,‌ or sponsored content, allowing creators to⁢ monetize their platform in various ways. This versatility and independence⁤ set‍ blogs apart as a reliable foundation for long-term success in the digital landscape.

In conclusion, while social media platforms offer visibility and ⁣reach, the ⁤true power lies in the autonomy ​and stability‍ that blogs provide. By investing ⁣in a blog as the‍ cornerstone of their ⁤online presence, creators can build ​a resilient career that is ⁤not subject to the whims of external platforms.

Le forme ⁢di⁤ social media hanno cercato di assorbire ⁤il blogging, offrendo inizialmente un grande flusso di traffico⁤ e ⁣poi cercando di far pagare ‌per riaverlo. ‌Questo ha ⁣portato molti a tornare a piattaforme come Substack, ⁢in cerca di maggiore autonomia. ‌Un blog rimane comunque il modo ‌migliore per costruire una ‍carriera‍ online stabile, nonostante la perdita di amplificazione del messaggio delle piattaforme social.

Questa tendenza riflette una realtà in⁤ cui ⁣le aziende non hanno pietà ‍e⁣ possono distruggere o ‌sfruttare chi⁣ si mette alla loro mercé. È importante riconoscere⁤ che l’autonomia è fondamentale per proteggere la propria presenza online e non dipendere da terzi.

La lezione da imparare è che, nonostante le​ tentazioni delle piattaforme social, mantenere il controllo ⁤sul proprio contenuto e la propria audience è essenziale per una carriera online duratura e⁣ stabile.

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