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Deleting crypto content is a major blow to the crypto industry

YouTube has removed dozens of videos on crypto-related topics in the past 24 hours. The CNBC moderator from Crypto Trader speaks of a severe blow against the crypto industry.

CNBC moderator comments on the last YouTube action

CNBC’s crypto trader presenter Ran NeuNer commented on YouTube’s recent action against content makers of crypto content.

Like we did yesterday reported , YouTube started removing videos with crypto content. There have been dozens of videos removed in the past 24 hours.

Written on Twitter NeuNer:

“Deleting all crypto content is a HARD blow to the industry. YouTube is the go-to place for instructional videos and the first go-to place for new people entering the ecosystem to learn the basics. As a community, we should formally challenge that. ”

Some channels, including box mining or the Ivan on Tech channel, have switched their videos to “private” so that their content is not suddenly deleted.

Despite the Christmas season, YouTube is investigating the crypto world because you obviously want to find out what exactly is going on. The huge video platform hopes to know everything soon.

“Short info – we check everything. We hope to be able to deliver an update soon. ”

Many content makers use Twitter to notify everyone that their videos on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP have been removed because of the suspicion of “harmful and dangerous” content or allegedly to encourage “sales of unregulated goods”.

On December 10, YouTube introduced a new usage condition that states that the platform is not obliged to host or provide content.

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, also spoke up and said that more change should be made.

“It may be time for the crypto community to go on their own blockchain-enabled, censorship-free social media platforms. There are many challenges like spam, fraud, trolls, ads, copyright, token economy, governance, data protection and so on … but it’s time! ”

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