Coronavirus. The rules for wearing masks are changing

“After extensive consultations with specialists from various fields of medicine on covering the mouth and nose, we decided to urgently implement changes in the obligation to use masks, helmets and parts of clothing” – said Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszyński.

On Friday evening (August 7), an ordinance of the Council of Ministers was published in the Journal of Laws on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the epidemic.

The deputy minister said that the regulation, which will come into force on Saturday, has been changed compared to the original wording of the draft.

“Due to the fact that we observe more and more frequent disregard of the obligation to cover the nose and mouth, which may result in new infections, and taking into account the opinions of doctors who see no significant contraindications for wearing masks, we decided that from Saturday the obligation to cover the nose and mouths in shops, offices or transport exempt the indications strictly defined in the ordinance. Apart from them, the obligation to cover the face is common “- said Cieszyński.

Initially, a provision was planned that from 1 September 2020, the obligation to present a certificate confirming the inability to cover the mouth and nose for health reasons will be introduced.

Currently, in the final version of the regulation – as pointed out by Cieszyński – there is a provision ensuring that from August 8, it will be mandatory to cover the mouth and nose, if not with a mask, then with a visor (including only one covering the mouth and nose) or a piece of clothing.

Exemptions from this rule will include – as the deputy minister said – incl. people with pervasive development disorders, mental disorders, moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability, as well as people who have difficulties covering or uncovering their mouth or nose on their own.

As a result of consultations, the published regulation changed, inter alia, solutions for operation in the yellow and red zones, incl. cinemas and gyms. The solutions for churches were also clarified.

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