Coronavirus: one in three deaths in Wallonia is a resident of a nursing home

“I have received reports that the situation is out of control in some nursing homes,” said Georges Dallemagne (CDH).

Dsince the start of the coronavirus epidemic, 106 residents of rest homes in Wallonia have lost their lives, said CDH deputy Georges Dallemagne on Wednesday on the basis of a report by Aviq (Walloon Agency for Quality Life) received from a Walloon source. The document, which has been in existence for 24 hours, was transmitted to the federal authorities on Tuesday, added the elected official to the Belga agency, after having informed the Latest Hour.

The figure of 106 deaths concerns “rest homes” and “rest and care homes”, service residences, short stays, accommodation establishments for people with disabilities and psychiatric care homes and non-approved accommodation. This represents a third of all deaths recorded in the south of the country.

“I have received reports that the situation is out of control in some nursing homes,” added the elected official, also a doctor. “We are largely underestimating the situation. “

In a few days, 20,000 tests will start in nursing homes, announced Federal Minister Philippe De Backer. “It is a step forward, but it is not at all up to the needs”, according to Georges Dallemagne, who denounces in particular the fact that the same person can only be tested once.

“We will also have to come with very significant support for the staff, some of whom will probably have to be placed in quarantine. I call for the establishment of a plan mobilizing Civil Protection, the Red Cross and the Defense. The MP also pleads to redirect people who have volunteered in hospitals to nursing homes.


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