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Coronavirus in Venezuela | Opposition reports almost three times as many deaths from COVID-19 than the Government

At least 116 people have died from the COVID-19 in Venezuela, as denounced this Monday by the opposition deputy José Manuel Olivares, almost triple compared to the 44 deaths reported by the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

“In the last ten days, six doctors and a nurse have died in Zulia due to COVID-19. Only in the (University Hospital of Maracaibo) HUM 28 Venezuelans have died from COVID-19 that the regime has not included in its reports, “Olivares said on his Twitter account.

The deputy, who lives in Colombia, explained that thanks to the monitoring systems that the opposition has, they were able to know that, in addition, “44 other people across the country have died from COVID-19 which have not been included in the official figures either. “

“This would give a total of 116 deceased nationwide, going from 0.8% to 2.18% of total mortality in Venezuela“he stressed.

The Venezuelan Government reported until this Sunday 5 297 cases of people infected with the coronavirus, of which 44 people died.

The outbreak with more cases than has been detected so far in Venezuela It started in the popular Flea Market in Maracaibo, capital of the Zulia state (bordering Colombia), according to data from the Venezuelan government.

Olivares also reported that this week 500 “PCR tests to detect the new coronavirus when they were transferred from Zulia to Caracas.

In addition, an official of the Police Special Actions Forces (FAES) died and three more were hospitalized for COVID-19, one of which is being attended with mechanical ventilation.

“None of this has been reported by the regime’s spokesmen, they continue to hide information.”Olivares stressed in reference to the official data.

Guaidó blames Maduro

In response to these data, the opposition leader Juan Guaidó He wrote on the same social network and also in reference to the Maduro government that “the arrogance of the dictatorship led it only to persecute.”

“Today they are responsible for the risks of our people,” he said.

In his opinion, the Executive of Nicolás Maduro it destroyed the health system, blocked humanitarian aid, “lost three months of quarantine and the capacity for care in hospitals was not improved.”

“Nicolás Maduro is responsible for the tragedy and the conditions that were aggravated by the pandemic and have caused the death of Venezuelans. Today all they have to offer is to ask our people to stay home without water or electricity,” concluded.

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