Coronavirus, Galli: «It is evident the virus runs thanks to the super diffusers»


We asked Massimo Galli, head of the Infectious Diseases III department of the Sacco Hospital and full professor at the University of Milan, how do you rate this surge.
“We could only expect it unfortunately: in this pandemic, the role of super diffusers (even asymptomatic) that makes it easier for the virus and its possibility of circulation seems increasingly evident”.

Should we be afraid of those coming from abroad in Italy?
«The closure of flights from some countries was an almost due act, because we must be careful of returning infections. The problem persists worldwide, a little less in Europe ».

How is it going in Italy?
«The virus also circulates here, but it is more difficult for the infection to reach the people most at risk because they are more careful. Obviously an outbreak in an RSA would also now cause hospitalizations and deaths. After all this time since the reopening, however, the fact that every day the number of infections tends to remain constant, if not rising, tells us that they are no longer just old infections ».

We experience new outbreaks every week, is that worrying?
“There is some risk, but they were expected. We must try to understand if the surveillance systems have refined enough to guarantee us a rapid identification and isolation of the positives. I am convinced that the situation in February cannot be reproduced, even if the evident limits of territorial medicine have not been resolved ».

How do you assess the appeal of the Cremona nurse who speaks of new hospitalizations?
«It is clear that it impresses us, but it is not entirely unpredictable and does not mean that we will come to fill the reanimations. Elderly or at risk people must take all the necessary precautions and young people, who want to recover the summer, must be more careful because few super speakers, of any age, are enough to create serious problems ».

What will happen in the fall with the reopening of schools?
“I think it’s more important to organize good health surveillance and abound in tests, rather than trying to keep children and adolescents out of the way and think about solving structural problems in a month.”

What remains to be done to prepare?
«In the fall it will be fatal to have a series of infections of the upper respiratory tract. Mass vaccination would serve to skim a few people: we must prevent hospitals from clogging up with flu complications. It seems to me, however, that not all the Regions are moving in time ».

What is our best weapon?
“Where a serious lockdown has taken place, the epidemic has stopped. It is the weapon of greatest sacrifice but of sure efficacy, the point is not to get there ».

Is the Covid-19 pandemic the “big one”?
«No, there could be worse: a flu virus than the” right “ones could cause many more problems. This pandemic was certainly a lesson, which I hope will not be forgotten ».

July 11, 2020 (change July 11, 2020 | 10:52 pm)


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