Coronavirus: Elimination of the ‘Two-Case Rule’ in New York Public Schools Raises Controversy | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

you guys.giselle: stephanie, we will beslopes.the teachers union of thenew york city and the mayorblasio bill continuedfaced this time for the decisionof the two-case rulegoverning schools as onemeasure against the pandemic.isabel peralta, vision thewashington manhattan.isabel: new york cityhas decided to delete the ruleof the two cases, which consiststo close a school for 10for disinfection,when cases are detectedpositive for coronavirus.the mayor of blasio said todaythat due to the success of thevaccines and the control ofspread of the coronavirus inthe city schools,officials decided that it istime for a change and deletesaid rules.the chancellor of the city,sure to change the method ofboth cases was a requesteducators.emphasized that without interruptionsby the closures of theschools teachers cancontinue to connect atdeeply with theirstudents and better understandyour academic needs.univisón 41 news spoke inhow much this change with ateacher and union leaderof teachers.testing forcheck if the person hascovid19, there are also manyteachers who are already vaccinated.reporter: the presidentstudent does not seem to agreewith this teacher, aproclamation is not a plan,city ​​cannot changerules of the two cases without theapproval.thanks to the effectiveness andvaccine availabilityand positivo del coronavirus hadecreased, butstudents now representwe have been talking toexpert doctors andwe will continue to discuss it withthe city.two or three months ofschool, we don’t have that manyadmitted students.students by saon.reporter: we asked parentsregarding this measure.we have to followcaring with masks.I think we already have a yearwith the virus, we have toadapt to the virus, childrenhas been locked up for a long time,causes them anxiety, they becomeobeseI do not agree thatlet the boys go to can get vaccinated and you canspread.reporter: if one is fromit is positive for himcoronavirus, only he shouldquarantine, in addition tothat is in agreement in threefeet apart in a roomclass instead of we have to wait forthe next statements of thepresident of the federation ofteachers.

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