Coronavirus, covid-19 | Thousands gathered in sponsorship week around the country

This year’s sponsorship week worries the authorities. In Bergen, the police moved out due to 150 students in a tight queue, and in Oslo the students gathered in several parks.

The incident in Bergen arose in connection with a rebus race for the students at Kristiania University College, writes BergensAvisen.

Pictures from the place show a large number of students standing close together in a long queue outside Eplehuset in Bergen city center.

– Such large accumulations are not desirable, and we ask people to abide by the distance rules. The measures inside the store were good, but on the outside it was problematic, says task leader Tom Johannessen in the West police district.

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Full party in Frognerparken

The chief infection control officer reacts with concern about the situation and says that she will call the school immediately.

– We have advised against rebus races and pub-to-pub. We rather want them to stay in one place and have a good time together in a small group, says infection control chief Karina Koller Løland to BA.

THE POLICE IN PLACE: The police were on site in Frognerparken after several reports of large gatherings of students and young people.
Photo: Fredrik Hagen (NTB scanpix)

The university college’s sponsor board explains that action has been taken after the queue situation.

– There were quite a few sponsor groups that went to that post at the same time, and it is very unfortunate. We have guards on all posts, but they had not fully prepared for the fact that there would be so many at once, says Line Louise Røen, who is head of regional market development at Campus Kristiania.

In Oslo, a large number of students and young people gathered in Frognerparken on Monday night in connection with the sponsorship week. The police were on site to monitor the situation. NRK was informed that there were at least a couple of thousand young people present in the park.

Health authorities worried

At BI, all the nightlife events during the sponsor week “Fadderullan” have been canceled due to the corona pandemic. BI in Oslo closed its student bar after only two hours on Monday night, writes VG.

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– On the basis of current infection control, we see major challenges with the operation of BISO Kroa given the current boom in infection, says chairman of the board of Kroa, Fredrik Wennerød Adolfsen to the newspaper.

Last week, the University of Oslo (UiO) informed NTB that the sponsorship week will be carried out, but in smaller groups than usual.

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Corona infection among young people in connection with parties and social gatherings has been a hot topic in the last week, and in Oslo more than 40 people have been infected after a number of parties. Both Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) and the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) have reacted to the situation.

– Partying among young people and especially the sponsorship weeks that will now start at universities and colleges, is something we look at with concern, said department director Line Vold in FHI on Friday.

– It is important that students can meet and build social networks, but we warn against gathering large numbers of people, especially mixed with alcohol, she said.

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