Coronavirus. “Conservatives” want me to isolate myself so there is a power vacuum: AMLO

Culiacán, Sin. – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador argued that, before the epidemic of coronavirus Facing the country, “the conservatives” want it to be isolated so that there is a power vacuum and they can take over the nation’s political leadership.

“Let’s go out on the street and let us work if we have an important, basic function, as I said a few days ago, you cannot close a tortilla factory, imagine, the doctors must continue working, the nurses, public security, that there are no robberies, That requires the National Guard to be acting as it is. And in the case of the President, the same. “

“Do the conservatives know what they want? Isolate me, imagine, there would be no leadership or there would be leadership because in politics there are no power gaps, the gaps are filled and that is what they want, that there is a gap so that they take over the political leadership of the country in an irresponsible way because all they are doing is because of their courage in the face of the changes we are carrying out, as they were dedicated to stealing and looting and we say enough is enough, ”he pointed out.

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López Obrador affirmed that these conservative sectors “are very angry because they were stealing, the large corporations did not pay taxes, the media were at the service of these groups, with honorable exceptions, they had intellectuals, columnists for hire,” he said.

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President López Obardor said that these groups are very upset because they do not accept the transformation but declared themselves persevering; “I am not going to take a step back, there are also millions of Mexicans who want there to be a real change, a transformation, so that we are moving forward,” he said. He stated that he is very well and in good health.

In a video he recorded on the balcony of a hotel in Culiacán where, he said, one of the first coronavirus infected in the country was hosted, the President maintained that the coronavirus “is not the plague.” He called on the population to comply with the recommendations of experts such as healthy distance, stay home if fundamental activities are not carried out and care for older adults.

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In the recording that he spread through his social networks, the president insisted that the culture of Mexicans has always saved them from epidemics, earthquakes, bad governments, corruption; “All calamities are faced by Mexicans for our cultures, because we are heirs of knowledge, of the traditions of great cultures, of great civilizations,” he said.

López Obrador affirmed that in most countries people live alone while Mexicans have greater family cohesion and more fraternity. The family – he indicated – is the main social security institution that we have, it is a great value, it is an asset.

“So if we stay at home and we intend to take care of the elderly, which is the most vulnerable population, we will get ahead,” he said. The President indicated that those who have an important, basic function for the development of the country should go out to work.

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