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Coronavirus / Border openings: Relaxations apply from now on – Italy names the date

The easing in the Corona crisis is progressing. Germany will carefully loosen its borders. This affects, among other things, the crossings to Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and France.

  • In the Corona crisis, almost all borders between countries were closed in Europe.
  • Germany also sealed itself off from its neighbors.
  • Now the first border controls should be relaxed (update from May 15th).
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  • Update from May 16, 2:06 p.m .: In the Czech Republic the coronavirus pandemic is in progress state of emergency at night from Sunday to Monday. But the Entry stop for tourists from Germany and other countries remain on another basis, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry in Prague. The Czech Ministry of Health published a related one Ordinance on “Protection against the introduction of Covid-19. It is valid for an unlimited period from May 18.

    Corona crisis in Germany: Italy announces date for border openings

    Update from May 16, 10.20 a.m .: In addition to the Easing to Germans Border crossingshas now Italy a plan for possible Border openings announced. From June 3, the borders are to be opened, making entry for EU citizens possible again.

    Croatia is also planning to open its borders to tourists soon. Zoran Milanovic stressed on Friday that his country lives from tourism and said according to oe24.at: “The door is open to everyone”. Slovenia also opens its borders again.

    Corona crisis in Germany: The first border openings are already in place

    Update from May 15th, 8.20pm: The Easing the imposed due to the pandemic Checks at the German border crossings* have already been announced, now they are certain. From Saturday, May 16, the border controls* to Austria, France and the Switzerland relaxed.

    But travelers are only allowed in one of the two for two specific reasons Neighboring countries. Entry is only at business Reasons or for Family visits allowed. It is not possible to travel from the federal territory to go shopping or to fill up with petrol more tourist Kind are as well locked out.

    Also the Border controls* to Luxembourg drop out entirely while monitoring the danish Border is continued for the time being. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced the steps to gradually open the borders on Wednesday. In mid-March the national borders were fighting the Corona pandemic* closed indefinitely.

    Border openings in the Corona crisis: Denmark is probably discussing easing entry requirements

    Update from May 14, 9:47 p.m .: A couple of concessions seem Denmark want to do in the tourist industry. Vacationers with about one Rental contract for a holiday home or with a hotel reservation could be allowed into the country, according to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. However, this must first be discussed in political talks.

    Of course, the head of government does not want to simply open the borders and thousands of people travel around and let each other be infected: “If we talk about a model that deals with people who when tourists come to Denmarkwhere it can help local communities is different. ”However, she warned of the risk of infection. “It is wonderful to welcome a German family who not ill is. It is a little difficult to say the least when a German family comes here and has Corona and infects others. ”

    Update from May 14, 8:23 p.m .: Denmark continues to open its borders. The government still does not want to commit to an appointment. It had been agreed that news on the borders would be announced by June 1, said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen upon arrival to a TV debate with the leaders of the other Danish parliamentary parties. That will be adhered to.

    Several parties want Denmark to have one already Agreement with Germany so that the Tourism in the country can get going. German holidaymakers traditionally provide the majority of the guests in the Danish holiday homes, which is why the Situation on the German-Danish border is particularly important for the travel sector.

    Border openings in the Corona crisis: Germany is pushing ahead with plans in the south and west

    First registration from May 14, 6 p.m .:

    Munich – It already had something of a journey into the past. In the wake of the corona pandemic the European countries closed their external borders
    *. Country by country sealed off – for the purpose of Control of the rampant virus. In one fell swoop hundreds of millions of EU citizens suffered the beloved freedom of travel*. The neighboring countries were still closer, but suddenly so far away.

    These measures* contributed to the fact that numerous states – including Germany – quickly mastered the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The success of this strategy has positive consequences: The Federal Republic will Gradually reopen borders with neighboring countries. Of course, this will not happen as abruptly as the closings in the second half of March. coordination is the magic word here. After all, the borders were locked from both sides and the barriers were only ordered into the vertical in exceptional cases.

    Border openings in the Corona crisis: plan with Switzerland, Austria and France is in place

    There is already a concrete schedule with the Switzerland, Austria and France. Internal border controls are in agreement with all three countries extended until June 15th, but are already from May 16 at all crossings to these neighboring countries Relief prompted. That means: only random checks are carried out. And in close coordination between the respective nations.

    “I liked it very much and it is in keeping with the European spirit that four neighboring countries fight together a dangerous virusInterior Minister explains Horst Seehofer. There would be a good reason for entry, but there should be more exceptions for Travel for personal or family reasons give. The Ministry cites students or unmarried couples as an example. The same time frame also applies to the airside borders with Italy and Spain.

    Pleased with the cooperation with numerous neighboring countries: Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announces easing at the borders.

    © dpa / Hannibal Hanschke

    Border openings in the corona crisis: everything depends on the number of infections

    Of course, the prerequisite is always a positive one Development of infection numbers – but any easing that we are currently being rewarded with is affected anyway. Seehofer emphasizes: “Four countries in the heart of Europe act in the same direction – the goal is to to have free travel in Europe again by mid-June, if the infection situation allows it. ”For the former CSU leader, who praises the“ discipline in the population ”, it is also clear:“ We also have to be ready to react to deteriorations. ”

    And what is the situation like in the other six neighboring countries? Fundamentally different. Already from May 15th the controls end at the crossing Luxembourg. From then on, the federal police will increasingly switch to “control and search measures in the 30-kilometer border area”. Even on one Solution for the border to Denmark is being worked on. The Federal Government is open to the end of the controls, but Berlin and Copenhagen want to determine the time for this together. Before that, however, the Danes must go with their other neighboring countries Norway and Sweden to find an agreement.

    Border openings in the Corona crisis: good reasons for a trip to the Netherlands or Belgium necessary

    The way in Netherlands is officially free, but travelers should good reason be able to show. In addition, one can be used for both arrival and later return two-week quarantine* be imposed. This applies to guests who are more than 30 kilometers away from the border.

    In case of Belgium “Crossings not absolutely necessary” are prohibited. As valid reasons for entry For example, a job in the neighboring country, school or doctor visits there as well as urgent family matters are considered. The border police is responsible for the decision in individual cases.

    In the “ZDF” interview, Oliver Paasch, Prime Minister of the German-speaking community in Belgium, mentions the government’s conditions for opening the border: “First, the comparable epidemiological situation in the neighboring country be. Second, the neighboring state must agree Let Belgians enter. “

    Border openings in the Corona crisis: Poland and the Czech Republic only wave exceptional cases

    The entry to Poland becomes at least until June 12th only be possible in exceptional cases. Only people are waved through Special permit, for example for professional, school or student reasons. Commuters must have a negative every 14 days Corona test* show.

    That also applies to Czech Republic. The border crossing still only opens in exceptions, for example for “Cross-border commuters, employees in international freight transport, employees of critical infrastructures and integrated emergency services, and cross-border commuters in health care and social services”.

    Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis does not want to rush anything. The online edition of the newspaper Blesk he said on Wednesday that The situation regarding the corona pandemic looks “not ideal” in Germany and especially in Bavaria. The founder of the populist party ANO prefers a mutual border opening within the so-called Austerlitz format, which in addition to the Czech Republic Slovakia and Austria belong – but not Germany. Babis mentioned that as possible times June 8th or 15th.

    To the dismay of some commuters, it only opens in exceptional cases: Polish citizens demonstrate at the border crossing.

    © dpa / Stefan Sauer

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