Corona’s first case of recovery: what the Emirates have provided reflects the extent of care for those living in them

73-year-old Liu Yujia, the first woman to be fully cured of the Corona virus in the United Arab Emirates, expressed her thanks and appreciation to the UAE for the care and great attention that she has received since her admission to hospital, and according to “Sky News“, Yogya said What the Emirates has provided to me and all the family members reflects the extent of care enjoyed by all who live in the Emirates.

She expressed great happiness by visiting the Chinese consul and the representative of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection in the UAE and congratulating her on her recovery.

Healing of the first case of corona in the Emirates

Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Rand, assistant undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for the public health sector, confirmed that all the tests conducted for the Chinese woman showed her recovery and complete freedom from the disease, following up that the UAE’s handling of these cases demonstrates the strength of the health system in the country thanks to the support given by the state leadership to this sector , Confirming that the injured are treated according to the highest applicable health standards and are placed under observation and medical care that conforms to the standards of the World Health Organization for the injured.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the diagnosis of جديد two new cases that were monitored through continuous periodic examination in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organization for people with symptoms of the emerging corona virus, thus bringing the total number of cases discovered in the country seven cases since the emergence of the virus.

The ministry confirmed in a statement that the health status of the new injured, who are of Chinese and Filipino nationality, under observation and necessary medical care in accordance with the highest health standards in force in the country, stressing the effectiveness of the electronic reporting system and the continuation of health facilities in reporting any new suspicious cases that appear according to the procedures guide Monitoring and control that has been activated in all health facilities in the country to monitor any exhibitor for any medical intervention to deal with the disease.


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