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Corona vaccinations at Audi: race against time

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The more contagious Delta variant is spreading more and more in Germany. But what does that mean for Audi’s vaccination plan?

Update, June 30: The incidence values ​​in Germany are currently low, but that can change quickly, as the examples of Great Britain and Portugal show. Because the much more contagious delta variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in Europe and is already causing travel restrictions again. The currently most effective protection against the virus is a complete immunization through the corona vaccinations. So, according to its own statements, Audi is vaccinating in a race against time.

As the automaker reported in a press release, its employees will continue to be supplied with vaccination doses from the manufacturer BioNTech / Pfizer. In order to counter the spread of the Delta variant in Germany, Audi is also offering vaccinations with the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson as part of a special campaign.

Audi’s vaccination plan: Corona vaccinations for employees – that’s the status

Update, 29. April: The vaccinations against the coronavirus are progressing slowly but surely. Starting next week, people from priority group three can now also make an appointment for a vaccination. In addition, the first model tests for vaccinations at the company doctor have started in Baden-Württemberg.

Daimler has also already prepared to offer its employees vaccinations against the corona virus – the same applies to Audi. As a spokeswoman explained to echo24.de, the preparations for a possible vaccination offer are in full swing. “Audi is ready, as soon as the vaccine supply and the current vaccination sequence permit, to start vaccinating in the health centers and first-aid stations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm at short notice,” said the Audi spokeswoman.

There are three health centers and five decentralized medical centers available at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm locations. “The employees will be informed as soon as binding information is available on the start of the vaccination offer, the procedure, the appointment and the vaccine offered,” emphasizes the Audi spokeswoman. Audi is setting up a registration tool to make appointments.

Fight against the coronavirus: This is Audi’s vaccination plan

First report, March 30th: The 7-day incidences in Baden-Württemberg and the other federal states continue to rise. Cities like Heilbronn have to pull the emergency brake more and more often because important limit values ​​are exceeded, but at the same time the vaccinations are only progressing slowly.

This is mainly due to the fact that there is still too little vaccine, but significantly more vaccine doses are to be delivered from April. Correspondingly, companies such as Audi and Daimler are also thinking about how they can support the federal and state governments with vaccination.

Audi: Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm are preparing for coronavirus vaccinations

While Daimler is developing a rolling vaccination center together with its Setra bus brand, Audi has offered the authorities support for the next vaccination phase, as a spokeswoman said echo24.de-Request explained. Audi is therefore preparing to also vaccinate against the coronavirus and thus relieve the local health system.

“For this purpose, vaccination rooms, for example, have already been defined that can start operating at short notice. Audi has three health centers and five decentralized medical centers in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, ”explains an Audi spokeswoman. The medical staff at Audi have already been trained and, because of the annual flu vaccinations, are “well trained and prepared”.

Audi: Vaccinations are carried out according to the vaccination strategy

“As soon as the vaccine is available, the Audi health service is ‘vaccine-ready'”, said the spokeswoman. However, it is not yet known when Audi will be allowed to start vaccinating. “Audi will of course observe the ethical prioritization that is prescribed by the German vaccination strategy.”

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