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Corona is not the last epidemic .. 3 theories confirm the return of the plague, cholera and the Spanish flu

The new episode of Walid Clinic’s program presented by colleague Walid Abdel Salam reveals the secret behind the shocking statements revealed by the Director of the World Health Organization, which included that Corona is not the last epidemic and the world must prepare for other health pandemics, taking all precautionary and preventive measures.

According to experts’ opinions, the program said that the world is that the health pandemics that the world has been exposed to over the past decades were not new viruses or bacteria, but rather discovered viruses, but they are developments or created, which is confirmed by 3 scientific theories, the first confirming the possibility of creating viruses in the laboratory and the second confirming the existence of epidemics foci in the world And the pandemics that the world went through, but did not go out to spread and did not affect the inhabitants of their regions because their immune systems have adapted to the epidemic and the third is the presence of mutation and developments in viruses that have caused the emergence of new strains of the virus that need a vaccine to resist.

The most important question remains after this information .. Will new microbes appear in the world and microbes here intended for viruses or bacteria .. The shocking fact here is that the world will not show new microbes except in one case, which is the artificial synthesis of a virus.

The program added that protection from infection from epidemic diseases requires wearing masks and taking all precautionary and preventive measures with great care for vaccinations and said: “There are 138 countries around the world that are a source of many epidemics and diseases, and countries require that those coming from them be vaccinated and examined before entering.”

Between 1910 and 1911, the Manchurian plague spread in the Manchuria region in China, killing about 60,000 people

The last terrifying pandemic was the Spanish flu in 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic swept the world, killing 50 million people.

According to a study published by the BBC in 2018, the number of victims was high because in 1918, viruses were still newly discovered..

The Asian flu epidemic appeared in China between 1957 and 1958 and spread to Singapore, Hong Kong, and then the United States, and the number of victims was large. As for AIDS in 1976, it appeared in the Congo and spread throughout the world, and the number of infected people reached about 36 million.

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