Corona chaos: football has to answer these questions now – Bundesliga

The Prime Ministers and the Chancellor are giving advice today about easing the rules. Is it also about the Bundesliga?

The DFL is waiting, has postponed a video conference of the 36 clubs from Friday to next Thursday. The plan remains that the league can restart with ghost games on May 2nd or 9th.

Fifa leaves the leagues time to end their season in sport until the end of October. Corona messes up schedules and transfer dates.

BILD says which questions football needs to find answers to.

► Can the Bundesliga start the new season if the old season is still running in other countries?

Basically yes. For example: The Bundesliga actually starts again in early May and is finished in late June. The neighboring country France can only start again in July due to stricter rules. Then e.g. Paris still for the title 2019/20, the Bundesliga already the championship 2020/21.

Can the Bundesliga buy players from leagues whose season is still running?

No, not according to the new FIFA guidelines. A Bundesliga team can only get a player from a country if their season is through and the local transfer window is open.

This affects e.g. the Frenchman Lucas Tousart, which Hertha acquired for the coming season from Lyon for 24 million euros. Tousart would have to stay in Lyon until the end of the season.

Can e.g. Goalkeeper Alex Nübel insist on his move to Bayern from July 1st, even if the old season is still going on?

One thing is clear: Nübel must not be in goal at Bayern this season. Whether he can leave Schalke at the original end of the contract on June 30 is open.

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In the model contracts of the 1st and 2nd leagues, the expiry date is June 30th. The DFB contracts of the 3rd division, however, contain the addition “end of the season”.

What to do if you still have to play after June 30th?

Legal expert Joachim Rain: “I would recommend every club to make a written agreement with the player that the contract will not expire until the end of the season.”

Legally unresolved: whether loan players have to return to their old club after June 30 or stay with the loan club.

Is it theoretically possible that the old Champions League season will still be played when the new Bundesliga season is already running?

Conceivable. Uefa boss Ceferin leaves open when the Champions League final should take place. Of course, this also depends heavily on the infection developments in France (Paris, Lyon), Italy (Naples, Bergamo, Juventus) and Spain (Barcelona, ​​Real, Atlético). It could also be late August / early September. The DFL wants to start the coming season at the end of August.

Many questions – and certainly not all – that need to be answered.


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