Cornered, “Apirak Kotthi” CEO shares Forex 3-D seize 24 million Lamborghini

DSI invaded the condominium in Thonglor area “Apirak Kotthi”, the CEO shared Forex 3-D, deceived victims of over 2 billion baht in investment, seizing 24 million luxury Lamborghini sports cars, along with other valuable assets

The case of the Justice Center for Happiness Ministry of Justice Receive complaints from people who have suffered. From fraud in the FOREX-3D pyramid scheme by Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice Has ordered the Department of Special Investigation to take urgent action To bring the offender to punish And seize as much of the assets as possible To help brothers and sisters who are suffering from such cases To get fairness quickly Which the Department of Special Investigation has received such cases In a special case 153/2562, the Department of Special Investigation conducted an investigation of 8,436 investment victims with total damages of over 2,000 million baht and expedited arresting the accused to prosecute. In order to freeze the property to return to the injured person

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With details of the said case, Mr. Apirak Kotthi and them used the website. It is a channel to scam advertisements to induce the general public to invest their money in foreign exchange (Forex) by offering a return of 60-80 percent of the profits gained from Forex trading. Mr. Apirak and the gang were guilty of jointly borrowing money that was defrauding people. According to the Royal Decree on Loans Fraudulent People, BE 2527. Later, special case investigators Has issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Apirak And report the allegations to individuals and juristic persons participating in the commission of a total of 4 cases

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Progress at 2:00 pm on January 15, 2021 Lt. Col. Kornawat Panprapakorn, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation By the director of Lt. Col. Somboon Sarasit, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation, assigned Mr. Piyasiri Wattanawarangkun, Director of the Non-Formal Financial Business Case. And the Special Case Inquiry Staff No. 153/2019 Continuous Investigation Until proving to know the hidden source of the accused Mr. Apirak Kotthi under the arrest warrant No. 393/2020 dated March 19, 2020, To search and arrest the suspect The results of the investigation of the arrest of the condominium in Thonglor area Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok Found Mr. Apirak Kotthi, the accused, therefore arrested Mr. Apirak Ready to hold a large number of vehicles, such as the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 CO, which was originally orange. But the accused has turned blue, worth about 24,800,000 baht, passbook Mobile phone, luxury watch, jewelry Notebook computer Brand name bags, etc.

Department of Special Investigation Will expand the results to expedite the arrest of the other offenders According to the arrest warrant that fled within and outside the Kingdom Including tracking, seizing and seizing a large number of hidden assets In order to continue to heal the injured person

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