Coordinating Minister Mahfud Md Corrects Statement on KPK’s OTT and Suspects


Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md corrected the statement regarding the KPK’s sting operation (OTT) which was deemed to sometimes not have sufficient evidence. He said the correct thing was to name a suspect without sufficient evidence.

“I corrected it, not OTT, but naming people as suspects, the evidence was not enough, for years they were still suspects. That is why, previously in the revision of the law it appeared that the SP3 could be issued by the Corruption Eradication Commission,” said Mahfud after attending the event World Anti-Corruption Day with volunteers Ganjar-Mahfud in Bandung, Saturday (9/12/2023).

Mahfud said that until now there are still many people who have been named as suspects but have not yet been tried because the evidence is not enough. According to Mahfudit can torture people.

“But now there are still a lot of suspects, the evidence is always not enough, it’s not finished and so on. That’s torturing people, that’s not allowed,” he said.

“In terms of OTT, perhaps yesterday I was mistaken in calling OTT suspect, suspect and OTT. As for OTT so far, the Corruption Eradication Committee has been able to prove it well enough. That’s why it will be corrected tomorrow so that people don’t end up being held hostage for life as suspects but never brought to court,” he added.

Mahfud admitted that the OTT carried out by the KPK was good. So far, the KPK, said Mahfud, has been able to prove its OTT results.

“People want a pretrial to determine a suspect because of the evidence, but why are they afraid because it’s possible, once they submit a pretrial the evidence is sufficient, that could happen. I admit that, but if the KPK’s OTT is okay, that’s good, not a single person will be OTTed “The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has so far passed it. If OTT is definitely included, we can prove that’s what was done,” he added.

Mahfud’s statement

Previously, Mahfud said that the KPK often made many mistakes. One of them had already carried out a sting operation (OTT), even though the evidence obtained was not enough.

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2023-12-09 05:50:59

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