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Controversy Surrounding Trump’s Comments on Murder Victim Ruby Garcia: Family Denies Communication

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To make a long story short

  • Donald Trump claims he has spoken to the family of murder victim Ruby Garcia (25), which the family denies.
  • Garcia’s family does not want the murder to be used politically, and asks to be left alone.
  • Trump’s campaign organization has not commented on the statements made by Garcia’s family.

Sea view

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Former US president and current Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, campaigned on Tuesday in the important swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin.

When he arrived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he quickly tried to play political coin on the murder of Ruby Garcia (25) in the city on 22 March.

Unclear about Trump support

A Mexican man (25), who has previously been deported to Mexico, has been charged and arrested for the murder. The man, who is said to have been Garcia’s boyfriend, has confessed to shooting her and dumping the body along a road in Grand Rapids.

– Didn’t speak

Trump, who has made illegal immigration his major campaign issue, did not unexpectedly stomp straight into the murder case during the public meeting with his most hardened supporters.

– She lit up the room, and I’ve heard that from so many people. I have spoken to some of her family members, Trump said, according to the report Washington Post.

It is strongly denied by the family spokesperson and Ruby’s sister, Mavi Garcia.

– He didn’t speak to any of us, so it was shocking to see that he said he had spoken to us, and misinformed people on live TV, she told the local TV channel Target 8.

TRUMP: During a campaign rally in South Carolina, Donald Trump was very clear about what he would do if a NATO country was attacked by Russia. Reporter: Edward Stenlund. Video: AP Show more

She says that neither Trump himself nor anyone else in the Trump campaign organization contacted her or anyone in Ruby Garcia’s immediate family.

– It was shocking. I stopped watching then after I had heard some of his misinformation, says Mavi Garcia to the TV channel.

Trump also claimed, among other things, that the 25-year-old murder victim was 17 years old, according to AP.

Appeared together

Focus on the sister

Mavi Garcia does not want the murder of her sister to be used politically by Trump in this way.

– Nobody really talks about when Americans commit heinous crimes, and it’s shocking that he only brings up illegal immigrants. What about Americans who commit heinous crimes like this? says Mavi Garcia.

She says she wishes the man accused of murder had “stayed in Mexico”, but that “the focus should now be on my sister and who she was when she was alive”. She also asks that the family be left in peace.

Trump’s campaign organization has not yet commented on the statements made by Garcia’s family. Trump also did not mention Garcia’s family during another event later Tuesday in Wisconsin.

– Carnage

Trump also claimed on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has ensured a “bloodbath” on the border with Mexico.

– Under Crooked Joe Biden, every state is now a border state. Every city is now a border city because Joe Biden has brought the carnage and the chaos and the killings from all over the world and dumped them right into our backyard, Trump claimed, according to the AP.

Sour sting: – Quite an achievement

Before the killing of Ruby Garcia in Grand Rapids, Trump has repeatedly talked about the killing of Laken Riley in Georgia in February. Unlike the Garcias, the Rileys have embraced Trump, and the former president met with them in February.

Riley was a nursing student who was killed in Athens in February. A man from Venezuela, who is said to have entered the United States illegally, is charged with the murder.

Despite Trump’s claims, FBI statistics show that there was less violent crime in the United States in 2023 than the year before, reports AP.

Democrats also continue to emphasize that undocumented immigrants do not commit more crimes than people who are legal residents of the United States. They believe that the fate of Garcia is about violence in close relationships.

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