Controversy Surrounding Appointment of Head of National Revenue Agency in Bulgaria

“A cheat can become a quack, a quack can become a cheat!
But the cheater-charlatan loyal partner cannot become you! Life wisdom from Denmark.” This is what GERB MEP Asim Ademov wrote in his Facebook profile. He attached a photo of Asen Vasilev and Rumen Spetsov to his words.

Rumen Spetsov was returned to the post of head of the NRA on the very first day of the work of the new government by Asen Vassilev.

This caused great tension in the governing coalition.

“After everything that was presented as data that Rumen Spetsov sold a company with huge liabilities to the budget to the National Revenue Agency, I consider it absolutely inadmissible for him to occupy this position again,” said the chairperson of the PG of GERB-SDS Desislava Atanasova on the sidelines of the parliament.

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Today, on the air of BNT, Denitsa Sacheva hinted at a lack of trust in the coalition. “It was not surprising that Spetsov was appointed as head of the NRA. However, we never gave PPDB confidence, nor did we announce such a thing,” she said.

Spetsov is on his way to becoming a bone of contention in the governing coalition.

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2023-06-10 10:42:09

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