Controversy Sending Migrants in NYC to Canada, Mayor Denies the Measure – NBC New York (47)

NEW YORKNew York City is in the midst of an immigration crisis that began primarily when thousands of migrants were bused in from border states like Texas in the summer of 2022.

After several controversies, including that of migrants who spent nights outside a hotel because they refused being moved to a new shelter in Brooklyn, a new controversy arose. This after the NY Post he pointed that the migrants were allegedly traveling to upstate New York, before crossing into Canada, on buses paid for by state taxpayers.

the publication of the NY Post also assured that National Guard soldiers were allegedly helping to distribute free tickets at the city’s bus terminal to those who wanted to leave the Big Apple to find a life in Canada.

Mayor Eric Adams, however, denied during an unrelated news conference Tuesday that New York City was providing free rides for migrants to reach the Canadian border.

“Okay, we need to be clear because I don’t want it to be misprinted. We’re not coordinating with anybody to go to Canada. We’re not doing that. The city isn’t playing any role in telling immigrants to go to Canada. Part of our process admission is to talk to people, find out about their needs, find out… Make an evaluation,” said the mayor when answering questions from journalists.

“So, there’s no coordinated effort. We don’t have a website, we don’t have a recruitment campaign. We’re not telling people to go to another country. What we’re going to do, we’re going to have a destabilization, or what should I mean, it’s a decompression strategy. This is a statewide problem and we’ve called the governor and others just like we did with the country. This is a national problem and there should be a decompression strategy at the border and we’re going to find a decompression strategy for our city,” he added.

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The mayor clarified that what the city does is find answers to what the migrants who arrive need.

“Those critics who say we’re aiding and abetting, I don’t know where they get that. We’re not telling anyone to go to any country or state. People who came here and already had other destinations in mind were basically forced to come here. to New York and when they are part of our admissions process and we talk to people and they say they want to go somewhere else, there are a lot of Catholic Charities partnerships with others that have been coordinating with people to get to their final destination,” he added.

More than 42,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since spring 2022

According to the city’s Department of Homeless Services, as of two weeks ago, nearly 70,000 people were in city-supported shelters, including more than 16,000 single adult men.

(The number includes both immigrants and the local homeless population.)

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