Controversial use against teenagers – police take a stand

A video on Twitter is said to show another case of police violence – this time in Hamburg. Now the police have commented on the allegations and defended the action.

In Hamburg, a 15-year-old is said to have been arrested by the police. At least eight officers surrounded the youth, like shows a video circulating on Twitter. The manner of arrest is causing outrage on social media. First the “Hamburger Abendblatt” reported.

The police operation is said to have occurred on Monday around 1 p.m., as the police confirmed on Tuesday. The video recording, which is about one and a half minutes long, shows eight officers surrounding a young man. They are apparently trying to fix it to the wall. The police pressed his hand on his neck and chest several times.

In the sequence you can hear how the officers repeatedly ask the 15-year-old to lie down on the floor. However, he does not meet the requirement. Then the officers take the boy to the ground.

Passers-by tried to de-escalate the situation, but unsuccessfully, they say. A witness reported to the “Abendblatt” that he assessed the police intervention as “disproportionate”.

Police defend action

After criticizing the officers’ actions, the police issued a press release on the incident. Accordingly, on Monday a district police officer wanted to check the young person who he had noticed several times in the past few days. The young person had repeatedly used the sidewalk with an electric scooter, in violation of the prohibition.

The young person did not comply with the request to identify himself. Then three more officials were added. Another questioning about his personal details did not help, and the young person threw his arms around when the emergency services were seized, pushing the officers away from him. Therefore, more officials are called in to overcome the resistance. This is where the published video started.

Use is checked

In the further course, the officers tried to use simple physical violence against “the very tall and strong youth” and to take him to the police station. Ultimately, after multiple threats, pepper spray was used. After that, the officers managed to hold the youth on the ground and tie them up. “The deployment techniques were controlled in such a way that the young person was able to breathe at any time,” it said.

The police emphasized: “In principle, the police are in a constant field of tension when coercive measures are carried out against people who are physically very large and strong and clearly young.”

The video clearly shows that the police were willing to end the resistance with simple physical violence and bring the youth to the ground. “Such missions often generate images that raise questions.” The use will be checked by the Internal Investigation Department.


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