Controversial Behavior of Akhil Marar in Bigg Boss House Spark Outrage Among Contestants

Akhil Marar with indecent behavior in Bigg Boss house. Other contestants came forward with fierce opposition. The promo released by Asianet shows Akhil showing his chest in front of Serena. Akhil Marar promo says that I am the original character and that is what I am showing in it.

Akhil also made a controversial remark against Shobha the other day. It turned into a fight between Akhil and Shobha while talking about a topic related to Serena. Akhil had earlier made a remark against Mithun, who was lying on Serena’s lap, when she massaged him. Akhil said that this will create a negative image for Serena outside. Akhil spoke about this again when Reneesha, Shobha and Serena were together, which caused the argument.

Akhil clarified that Nadira massaged him in a different way. That was the point I made to Serena that day. It is seen by a large community of tipical Malayalis. Referring to Sagar and Serena, Akhil said that they were close friends. When one is out, Mithun comes and lies on her lap. I said that thinking that Serena should not feel bad. Akhil asked what Shobha didn’t do later when she said the same in a game that day. Shobha replied that what you said was for her good but if you had said it to me I would have said mind your own business. Because I know what my relationship with him is. Shobha clarified that it is not my concern whether others know or not. Serena also clarified that I don’t need anyone to convince me either. Shobha told Akhil that if a third person came for massage, she would tell him to leave. Akhil said to Serena and Reneesha that they both understand that I am a bit naive and insensitive.

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Akhil also said that Sukhipir’s program is always done here. Akhil says that even though I have made anyone happy, I have not stayed here, I am not interested. Akhil points out that talking is soothing. Shobha’s reply was that it is your mistake to come with the mindset of 93. When Shobha pointed out that she said that her children should dress as she likes, Akhil asked her not to talk. Shobha clarified that she came here for that I will keep talking. Shobha asked Serena that she is not ready to correct Akhil as requested. Serena replied that she is not ready to correct it. Meanwhile Shobha and Reneesha got into an argument. Both of them asked each other why they intervened. Shobha says to Reneesha that if you are making Akhil happy then make him happy. Reneesha clarified to Shobha that she does not need it. Akhil says that she will say what she feels in her mouth. Akhil said that those who have achieved everything by walking outside and making things feel like that, that’s how one speaks for another. Shobha asked Akhil back which one. Akhil asked how are you doing your business. This is how you run your business. Akhil also stated that he will make everyone happy by walking like this. Shobha mockingly said this is Akhil Marar. Akhil replied that this is the same. Akhil Marar was also seen talking about this with Shiju. Shiju’s opinion was that you shouldn’t talk like that by mentioning Shobha’s name. Akhil said that when Shiju pointed out, he understood that this is how the interpretation comes. Anu Joseph, who came there, also clarified that Akhil interprets it in a different way. Serena and Anu make it clear to Akhil that such a word should never be justified. Akhil says that all business people work on pleasure, Anu clarified that I am not doing it on pleasure. Anu objected to Akhil and said that he is a business man.

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