Why Pagani’s All-Electric Hypercar Won’t Be Released Anytime Soon

While Pagani is developing an all-electric hypercar, the son of the automaker’s founder Christopher Pagani now says we shouldn’t expect to see such an EV anytime soon.

Pagani is accepting TopGear.com The interview noted that the EV space is not ready for an all-electric Pagani due to current limitations in battery technology, which means we won’t see the car unveiled or shown any time soon.

The reason doesn’t necessarily come down to the batteries’ inability to power the electric Pagani, but more to the fact that the automaker defines its cars as lightweight, and current batteries don’t allow that just yet.

“Our goal was to create something featherweight. Look at Pagani, what you see is common with all the vehicles we make, they have to be featherweight,” Pagani said. explain.

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“There has to be a special feeling to driving it, sometimes you can call it ‘fun’. You can call it joy. But the weight is definitely our first question mark. So probably, right now with existing technology, we can’t Create Pagani the way we want it.

Pagani didn’t give a timeline for when the electric car will debut because it doesn’t “Follow the market or the fashion”. .

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