Controlled drunk at the wheel, he saves his license thanks to advice from his lawyer

This is an illustration of the perverse effects sometimes caused by the slowness of the judicial system. A motorist, checked drunk at the wheel, saved his driving license thanks to advice from his lawyer.

The facts date back to March 27, 2021. On that day, the man was arrested in Jarnac (Charente) while driving with 1.4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood. The prefecture had suspended his license for 4 months, reports Free Charente.

He hastens to complete a points recovery course

The driver had then been the subject of a criminal offense with a fine and a 6-point withdrawal. However, this is precisely the number of points he still had on his license. So he should have passed the exam again.

But, on the advice of Me François-Xavier Laperonnie, he opposed this order and hastened to follow a points recovery course.

The case was referred to the Angoulême Criminal Court… almost eight months later. The defendant therefore appeared at the hearing on Friday January 21 with 9 points and not 6. He was sentenced to a suspended fine of €600 and a withdrawal of 6 points. But left the court with his license in his pocket.

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