Constitutional Court Decision Extending KPK Leadership Tenure Draws Criticism


The decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) extended the tenure of the KPK leadership Firli Bahuri et al from four years to five years drew criticism. Chief Justice Anwar Usman respond to the extension of the term of office.

“Never mind, if it’s broken, I can’t comment anymore,” said Anwar after attending the ceremony to commemorate the Birth of Pancasila at Monas, Central Jakarta, Thursday (1/6/2023).

When asked about conditions open legal policy In the existing decision, Anwar did not comment much. Again, he only emphasized that the rules had been decided.

“It’s broken, please read the considerations,” he said.

Anwar also did not comment when asked term extension it was made for Firli cs.

“I can’t comment,” he added.

Previously, MK spokesperson Fajar Laksono explained about the validity of the Constitutional Court’s decision on the lawsuit by Deputy Chairperson of the KPK Nurul Ghufron regarding the extension of the term of office of the KPK leadership to 5 years. The Constitutional Court emphasized that this decision was effective starting from the current KPK leadership.

“As stipulated in the Constitutional Court Law, the decision is valid and has binding force since it was pronounced in the plenary session for pronouncing the decision,” Fajar told reporters, Friday (26/5).

Fajar explained that considerations regarding the enforceability of Decision 112/PUU-XX/2022 for the current KPK leadership are in the Considerations Paragraph [3.17] page 117.

“Taking into account the term of office of the current KPK leadership which will end on December 20, 2023, which is approximately 6 (six) months away, without intending to judge concrete cases, it is important for the Court to immediately decide on the a quo case in order to provide legal certainty and the benefits justice. The Constitutional Court hastened to decide on this case so that the decision provides certainty and fair benefits for the Petitioner in particular and the entire current KPK leadership,” he said.

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Because of that, Fajar emphasized that the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the extension of the term of office of the KPK leadership took effect starting from the current Firli cs era. He said the term of office of Firli cs was extended to 2024.

“KPK leaders who are currently serving for a term of 4 years, and will end in December 2023, will have their term of office extended for the next 1 year so that their term of office is even 5 years in accordance with this MK Decision,” he said.

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