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Conmebol Releases 2024 Club Ranking: Fortaleza Makes History in Top Spot

The ranking also serves to compose the draws for the main continental tournaments in 2024.

Considering the historical weight of the Libertadores from 1960 to 2023 and the Sul-Americana from 2002 to 2023, the Conmebol released the 2024 club ranking, with the presence of 275 scoring teams, 41 of which were Brazilian. That’s 14.9% of the list – check it out below. For the fourth time, the Northeast is represented by seven names, precisely the “G7”. This new table took into account Fortaleza’s historic participation in Sula, finishing runner-up in a final against LDU.

And look, this same year the laion also competed in the preliminary phase of the Libertadores. Thus, the club boosted its score in the continental ranking. In the 2022 list, Fortaleza had just 13.5 points, ranking 229th. It rose to 532.0 points in 2023, gaining 151 positions and reaching 78th place. Now, a new leap. The FEC reached 1,727.5 points, in 39th position. It is, simply, the best place for a northeastern club in this ranking.

By overcoming rival Ceará’s 56th place in the previous version, they also took the lead in the region for the first time. To top it off, the advantage should grow in the update to 2025, as Fortaleza has a place in the next Copa Sudamericana, being the only one in the region. Below, see the NE podium in the nine years of the Conmebol Ranking and the respective general positions.

The northeastern podium in the Conmebol Ranking
2016: 1st Sport (80th), 2nd Bahia (n/a) and 3rd Náutico (n/a)
2017: 1st Sport (100th), 2nd Bahia (n/a) and 3rd Náutico (n/a)
2018: 1st Sport (108th), 2nd Bahia (127th) and 3rd Nautical (178th)
2019: 1st Sport (121st), 2nd Bahia (126th) and 3rd Nautical (181st)
2020: 1st Bahia (124th), 2nd Sport (126th) and 3rd Nautical (186th)
2021: 1st Bahia (67th), 2nd Sport (91st) and 3rd Santa Cruz (151st)
2022: 1st Bahia (62nd), 2nd Sport (94th) and 3rd Ceará (107th)
2023: 1st Ceará (56th), 2nd Bahia (65th) and 3rd Fortaleza (78th)
2024: 1st Fortaleza (39th), 2nd Ceará (63rd) and 3rd Bahia (69th)

Palmeiras took the tip of River Plate

Expanding the analysis, Palmeiras assumed the continental leadership after six consecutive years of River Plate dominance. Semi-finalist in the Libertadores, the São Paulo team reached 9,500 points in the ranking. Fluminense, which won the main cup for the first time, gained twenty positions, rising from 32nd to 12th. Despite Brazil’s last five titles in Liberta, the country saw a reduction in the “top ten”, from six to five clubs. Santos fell from 10th to 15th.

The current Conmebol Ranking includes history and recent performance in the Libertadores and Sudamericana, in addition to national titles, which act as bonuses. The campaigns of the last decade in the two tournaments form the basis of the list, with 100% of the score in the most recent year, 90% in the previous year and so on, up to 10% for the oldest. In this version, then, the regression goes from 2023 to 2014. After this period, the campaign moves on to the second item of the regulation, the “historical coefficient”, without new depreciations.

In other words, Fluminense’s victory in 2023 was worth 1,000 points, while Atlético-MG’s same title in 2013 is now only worth 100. Sula’s title is worth 600 points in the first year. It is a complexity in search of a “balance” between recent achievements and history.

Next, the top ten in the Conmebol Club Ranking, with the presence of just four countries. Record holder of Libertadores titles, with 7, Independiente from Argentina is in 18th.

The top 10 in South America in 2024

1st) 9,532.6 – Palmeiras (BRA), +1
2º) 8.934,8 – River Plate (ARG), -1
3º) 8,871.7 – Boca Juniors (ARG), +1
4th) 8,183.5 – Flamengo (BRA), -1
5th) 5,741.2 – National (URU), +1
6º) 5.348,2 – Athletico-PR (BRA), +1
7th) 4,908.0 – Grêmio (BRA), -2
8th) 4,849.9 – Peñarol (URU), equal
9th) 4,825.2 – São Paulo (BRA), equal
10th) 4,692.4 – Olimpia (PAR), +4

Here are the 41 Brazilian teams present in the ranking. In parentheses, the general position in America and the respective evolution in the continental list. In 2024 there will be 14 teams from the country in international cups, 8 in the Copa Libertadores and 6 in the South American Cup. From the Northeast, only Fortaleza will take to the field.

From 1st to 10th in Brazil at Conmebol

1st) 9,532.6 – Palmeiras (1st; +1)
2nd) 8,183.5 – Flamengo (4th; -1)
3rd) 5,348.6 – Athletico-PR (6th; +1)
4th) 4,908.0 – Grêmio (7th; -2)
5th) 4,825.2 – São Paulo (9th; equal)
6th) 4,560.6 – International (11th; +7)
7th) 4,502.2 – Fluminense (12th; +20)
8º) 4,202.2 – Atlético-MG (14º; -3)
9th) 4,194.4 – Santos (15th; -5)
10º) 3.429,9 – Corinthians (22º; +2)

From Brazil’s 11th to 20th in Conmebol

11th) 2,259.8 – Cruzeiro (33rd; -3)
12º) 1.727,5 – Fortaleza (39º; +39)
13º) 1.582,8 – Red Bull Bragantino (41º; +4)
14th) 1,296.2 – Botafogo (49th; +10)
15th) 951.6 – Atlético-GO (57th; -7)
16º) 787,2 – Ceará (63º; -7)
17th) 688.5 – América-MG (64th; +54)
18th) 676.9 – Vasco (65th; -2)
19º) 588,7 – Bahia (69º; -4)
20th) 575.0 – Chapecoense (71st; -9)

From Brazil’s 21st to 30th in Conmebol

21st) 478.6 – Goiás (81; +5th)
22º) 228.0 – São Caetano (117º; -7)
23º) 196,6 – Sport (126º; -20)
24th) 144.9 – Cuiabá (142th; -7)
25º) 138.0 – Guarani (144º; -3)
26th) 132.1 – Coritiba (146th; -12)
27º) 121.8 – Ponte Preta (151º; -14)
28º) 57.5 – Criciúma (180º; -7)
29º) 48.0 – Paysandu (188º; -2)
30º) 36,9 – Santa Cruz (199º; -15)

From Brazil’s 31st to 40th in Conmebol

31st) 28.0 – Paraná Clube (205th; -2)
32º) 24.0 – Santo André (210º; -4)
33º) 20.0 – Youth (220º; -5)
33º) 20.0 – Paulista (220º; -5)
35º) 19.8 – Brasília (227º; -27)
36º) 16,8 – Victory (229º; -29)
37º) 16,0 – Nautical (230º; -7)
38th) 8.0 – Bangu (249th; equal)
39º) 7.2 – Avaí (258º; +1)
40º) 4.5 – Figueirense (266º; -5)

From 41st place in Brazil at Conmebol

41º) 3,0 – Joinville (271º; -9)

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