Entertainment Condolences for Celebrities during the Visit of Ivan Gunawan's...

Condolences for Celebrities during the Visit of Ivan Gunawan’s Father


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Ivan Gunawan did not expect the beloved father, Bambang Tjahyo Gunawan died. Even Ivan claimed to feel very grieve and asked you the media to do not disturb for the time being.

Ivan’s family’s funeral home in the area Ragunan, South Jakarta has also been filled by mourners. Even seen a number celebrity those who come mourn and condolence.

Fashion designer who is also a close relative of Ivan, Adjie Notonegoro also seen coming to mourn. He only hoped that his brother, who was also the mother of Ivan, could be steadfast and sincere over the departure of her husband.

“Yes, I hope to my sister, right now she is alone, as a woman left by my husband, I only pray and believe she must be given strength, fortitude, patience, health, and God always bless her,” said Adjie Notonegoro in Ragunan , South Jakarta, Sunday (12/7).

Apart from that sworddut Iis Dahlia also appear to be present in the funeral home. He remembers Ivan’s father as a very nice and pleasant man.

“Pak Bambang is a person whose friends of his son are considered his friends, if I am usually like a father or mama’s birthday, I will make time to come,” said Iis Dahlia.

Nikita Mirzani also seen present at the funeral home to mourn Ivan’s father. Nikita saw Ivan being very strong and offering the best prayers for his late father.

“Igun is very strong, he’s very strong, he doesn’t know, maybe he doesn’t want to cry in front of his friends. Hopefully the deceased will be placed in the most beautiful place next to God,” said Nikita Mirzani.

Ruben Onsu also claimed to go straight home from Sukabumi when he heard this sad news. He was shocked when he heard this news and hoped his presence could make the family a little calm.

“Yes, I really know that he must be sad, but he can’t be seen in front of his friends, yes, Igun. Tell all those present earlier.”I’m okay, I’m fine, just pray‘, that’s all. I was shocked because Igun’s father was a very good figure, so I came here to strengthen Igun, mama and family so that they would be patient, strong and sincere, “said Ruben Onsu.

Wendy Cagur who came to the funeral home claimed to know this sad news from Ayu Ting Ting. Wendy and his wife immediately came to mourn and hope that Ivan can be patient with the departure of dear father.

“I am personally sorry for the deep death of Ivan Gunawan’s father,” Wendy Cagur said.

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